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The Perkbox Happiness Lab is now open!

At Perkbox, believe that happy environments drive creativity, collaboration and innovation.

That is why we are opening up the doors to our very own, brand spanking new, freshly refurbished Happiness Lab! As you can see, we’ve got the usual essentials – tables, chairs, four walls and a ceiling etc. – but also lots of quirky extras designed to get those creative juices flowing and build a sense of community.


“But what can we use it for?” We hear you say.

Well, the room is perfect for hosting events, brainstorming with your team, holding conferences and team building days. Plus, you won’t make it through the door without meeting a few of the Perkbox team. What’s not to love?



It is situated in our office in Central London (Blackfriars for those who know the area) and is available for free, yep FREE, to all HR and L&D professionals looking to host an employee engagement event. If it’s up our street, you are very welcome to use the room.

Do you fancy it? Here is a link to the bookings form: Please just fill it out and our Happiness Officer, Maddie, will be in touch!


- By Hannah Sims, editor at Perkbox.

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