Under the gun from investors to find a new business idea, Saurav Chopra and Chieu Cao discovered the need for employee happiness in the workplace and spotted a business opportunity.

Perkbox launched with the intention of targeting small and medium-sized businesses with a pay-as-you-go model to motivate staff, to bring teams together and to help managers show their employees how valuable they are to business success.

“Happy and engaged staff are less likely to leave, are more productive and take less sick leave.”

Chopra started at Deloitte as a technology strategy consultant before he resigned to take the opportunity to study at the London Business School. During an exchange at the Haas School of Business at Berkeley, he discovered the power of a technology business.

“Keeping big companies’ staff happy brings its own rewards”

“I thought, tech is going to change the world and that’s what I wanted to do.”

Chopra went on to work at Yahoo where he met Cao. He left in 2006 to work with start-up companies before he co-founded Perkbox.

“We want to have a lasting impact”

At Perkbox, we have over 2,500 clients including British Gas, Worldpay and Bupa. In addition, Perkbox has multiplied by five fold in only 18 months with a goal of tripling revenue this year.

Some of our goals include expanding in the continent as well as North America by next year. His career has helped him learn how to create a profitable business. His advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

“I’m not saying don’t take capital to grow, but wait for the right time, accelerate and deliver results.”

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- By Hannah Sims, editor at Perkbox.

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