For employers How Perkbox can help attract talent

It’s been a whole decade since the Great Recession. During that dark period, people were taking jobs left, right and centre at risk of not having one at all. As a result, employers had the upper hand. Here at Perkbox…

People analytics
Employee, For employers 7 steps to using people analytics in your HR function

In our previous article we looked at the rise of people analytics and why you should use it as a competitive weapon. We explored how this new approach to talent management is becoming increasingly widespread. The time for you to…

Reward and Recognition
For employers 3 ways to reward your employees this Christmas (and beyond)

Reward and recognition is all the rage for HR, but what exactly does a successful programme look like? We recently teamed up with the guys at OnePoll and surveyed 2000 demographically diverse employees to understand the state of employee engagement…

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For employers Why you should employ people analytics as a competitive weapon

Customarily HR departments have operated in silos but the range of data being collected coupled with its value to business strategy has led to the rise of people analytics. People analytics is the analysis of data collected by HR used…

For employers, Uncategorized Driving loyalty in your millennial workforce

Categorising employees based on when they were born can be a controversial way to manage a workforce. However, the patterns of behaviour that are a result of the very different world Millennials were raised in compared to their older generational…

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Employee, For employers, Perkbox news, Uncategorized 10 questions that will reveal your company culture

 Company culture is a tricky thing. We’re all agreed of its importance, yet nobody knows exactly how to cultivate one. There are no paint-by-number culture frameworks to follow – uniqueness is the quality that makes the best ones stand out….

reward and recognition
For employers 4 elements of successful reward and recognition programmes

 Are reward and recognition programmes really worth their bother? They’ve played a leading role in many employee engagement strategies for decades, but it’s a question employers justly ask us every day. These employers hear about R&R’s ability to increase retention,…