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Reward and recognition is the key to employee engagement

Having a strong reward and recognition culture can have a huge impact on not only how your employees perform, but how engaged they are. This contributes to employee satisfaction levels which can also impact how likely your employees are likely to stay with your business.


of employees believe rewards would increase loyalty¹


of best-in-class organisations stated that employee recognition is extremely valuable in driving individual performance²


of employees who are recognised are very unlikely to look for a new job³

Building a culture of reward and recognition with Perkbox

At Perkbox, we are empowering businesses to reward and recognise their employees for their hard work with our employee experience platform. 

Available online and your preferred store. 

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Recognise incredible work

Recognition from your peers can be just as meaningful as praise from your boss.

Our employee recognition tool gives you and your employees the power to send shout-outs on a company-wide feed.

It's as simple as selecting who you want to recognise and telling them why you appreciate them. 

Recognise incredible work

Send rewards with your recognitions

Recognition gives you more than 50 rewards at your fingertips, making it easy to incentivise great work.

Choose from some of the UK’s biggest brands from the following categories and give your employees the rewards they actually want:

  • Food & takeaway
  • Fashion 
  • Technology 
  • Entertainment
Reward incredible work

Live your company values

Make sure your team’s pulling in the same direction by adding your company values.

You can assign a value to any reward or recognition you send, helping everyone understand how their actions help drive the business forward.

Live your company values

Start a little competition

Polls are a great way for employees to champion their colleagues and give everyone something to work towards.

Anyone can create a poll and the whole team can vote for the winner.

Announce the winners in your team meetings to keep everyone engaged. You can even send a few rewards for an extra motivational boost!

Start a little competition

Give your employees access to great perks

Go beyond recognising your employees and keep them feeling rewarded and motivated with some great employee benefits. 

  • Celebrate the birthdays of your employees and treat them to a hamper full of goodies
  • Free weekly treats at Caffè Nero or Greggs
  • Offer a wealth of free workout videos from qualified instructors 
  • Give them access to over 285 discounts from the biggest brands

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