Healthy employees make happy teams

Perkbox gives employees the education, tools and support they need 
to be on top form – personally and professionally.

Healthy choices, made easy

Our wellness perks are tailored to fit around your employees’ lives, making being healthier that little bit easier.

  • Access discounts from healthy and organic food retailers
  • Get exclusive access to the full suite of The Boxx Method workouts
  • Save up to 28% at hundreds of gyms nationwide

Through thick and thin

Stress and anxiety are among the biggest causes of employee absence. Our platform helps employers to prevent such issues before they arise.

  • 24/7 access to a confidential support line
  • Get exclusive pricing on face-to-face assistance
  • Access discounted health and dental plans

All visually presented deals, discounts and percentages are correct at the time of design. Sometimes they change fractionally – just get in touch and we'd love to talk you through our latest offers.

"Last year our staff turnover was 44%. Since starting Perkbox this year it’s dropped to 33%, and is continuing to go down each month."

Sophie Weids, People Advisor

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Nothing beats hands-on experience

Some call it workplace wellness, others corporate wellness, but at its core the meaning is consistent. A workplace wellness programme, or employee wellness programme, is an initiative or organisational policy that’s designed to support and promote the health of employees. We’re pretty pleased that wellness in the workplace is becoming an increasingly big deal. Not just for the sake of employee wellness, but for business success too.

Because corporate wellness programs are an intrinsic part of the overall employee experience, and HR’s employee value proposition (EVP). As well as the more obvious areas of employee health and wellness – such as physical – employers are now realising their responsibility in their people’s financial and emotional wellness. Put together, these pillars support high levels of employee engagement while fostering a workforce where people are committed to achieving organisational success.