Product & Engineering @ Perkbox

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Product & Engineering @ Perkbox

Our engineering culture...

In the Product & Engineering Team we aim to cultivate a great engineering culture. We focus on building an environment where talented people thrive. We aim to give our teams the autonomy to be creative, nimble and innovative while providing enough support to be effective.

We see ourselves as a full stack team, we blur the lines between Product, Frontend, Backend, QA, DevOps and UX, it helps that we actually like hanging out with each other too.


Why Perkbox?

Perkbox is a bit better than the standard workplace. What makes us different?

We're super cross functional

When we get into work we drop the job titles. Product, Frontend, Backend, QA, DevOps and UX are encouraged to be involved every step of the software development lifecycle.

We don’t believe that Product people should spend their time writing specs, Developers should be measured by the amount of code they can commit and QAs should only learn about a feature once it’s on staging.

The lack of silos exposes every team member to the highs and the lows of the development process and we all have something valuable to add to the mix, making us leaner and quicker than ever.

We're a (bit like a) meritocracy

We value smart people who bring their best into work every day to build value for our customers and the business.

We have no time for egos, politics and stubbornness.

Recognise, reward and give responsibility to those who deserve it; not just to those with the longest CV or the loudest voice.

We’ve built a well balanced team make of young, motivated individuals from different backgrounds. The one thing we all share is our hunger to make a difference.


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