Backend @ Perkbox

We are Hiring


The Perkbox backend had a massive facelift in recent months. Gone are the days working with a traditional monolithic system, coupled to the frontend and with vertical scaling being the only option. 

Our new goal is to empower our backend developers to be able to make the design and technology decisions which are right for the problem they are solving, not constrained by decisions made for past projects. 

To make this a reality we have taken a leap into the future, rewriting the platform as a collection of microservices exposing REST api's and orchestrated by Kubernetes. This means that on a feature by feature basis, we can select the right tools for the job and assign the resources we deem necessary. 

To allow us to build new features quickly and safely we have a team of platform focussed developers who supply other squads with the APIs they need to be able to work with the users and other entities within the platform. 

With this new structure in place, the future of backend development at Perkbox looks very exciting.