Product @ Perkbox

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The best products arrive at the intersection of unmet user needs, innovation and delightful user experience. 

In the HR Tech industry we hear, see and are told (at length and regularly) that there are a LOT of unmet needs. We think there is a lack of imagination. We want to change this and lead the way in user experience. 

Perkbox is the perfect environment to launch products that make a real difference and change industries. We have proven this with our awesome user feedback, record beating growth and expanding team of passionate intrapreneurs. 

The Perkbox Way
We do not find our next products in the moves of our competitors, the four walls of our Perkbox office (as idea inducing as it is!) or by locking ourselves away and hoping for inspiration. 

Our product managers go beyond the shortcuts of conventional wisdom to imagine, share and test fresh ideas. We do not keep these to ourselves but share both internally and externally to rapidly develop products that solve real problems. 

If you are excited by environments where: ideas are tested fast by real users, results are valued over process, decision paralysis is replaced by MVPs, decisions are informed by data, and real customer needs drive product, then you'll be right at home.