QA @ Perkbox

We are Hiring


We are developers best friends
Yes, you heard it right, developers like working with us!
We work very closely with the developers and know the ins and outs on how the software is actually built, this enables us to have a holistic approach to our testing strategy.

The opportunities for a QA engineer here at Perkbox are unlimited. We are passionate about using new tools and technologies that help us achieve the high standards of quality that our customers expect from us. We use some of the latest and best technologies and tools - REST Assured Java library, Selenium Webdriver, Jmeter, Saucelabs, Blazemeter to name a few.

We only write code
We don’t miss an opportunity to automate. We add automation at every step so we aren’t limited by deployments, we want to deploy as frequently as possible! We want to be able to do it every 5 mins! We make sure we have 100% coverage of API tests, we have UI as well as non-UI end-to-end tests, we have performance tests and we plan to very soon have some visual tests. We closely work with our DevOps to make sure we have an active pipeline that tests every aspect of the software within minutes before deploying it to production so that we can sleep peacefully knowing nothing has broken after a ‘tiny’ change is made. (Sounds familiar right?) 

We strive to make sure that every member of a QA team is capable of carrying out each type of testing, you’ll never get bored at Perkbox.

If this sounds interesting to you, please drop us a line and we will get back to you. We are always on a lookout for passionate QAs.