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Experience Design at Perkbox
Intuitive, empathic and utilitarian design is valued and prioritised across everything built at Perkbox. Having ditched its monolithic and decrepit codebase, now a supercharged tech stack with microservices at its crux have elevated and unleashed designers to take deep dives on real challenges and deliver world-class solutions. 

Perkbox's designers are multidisciplinary – encompassing interaction, experience, information and visual design. We’re obsessive about user insight, conducting intensive and continuous research throughout our products' lifecycles to ensure we’re delivering impactful and captivating experiences. Still, we allow ourselves to take risks and follow our gut when confronting unknown situations. Designers at Perkbox may be opinionated, yet we consider developers as our design partners. We’re always looking to anticipate demand across the wider business, avoid the reductive expectation of just making things pretty, and do everything we can to elevate our users’ voices and have it serve as the pulse that energises our company entire. 

Our Future
The Product team works on multiple products concurrently, from consumer to business tools, from complex enterprise systems to intimate engagement experiences. Perkbox is working to grow far beyond its current offering and lead the engagement space. We’re looking for designers who above all believe in our mission – who will care deeply about providing businesses with tools and experiences that can profoundly affect the lives of their employees for the better. 

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