10 ways to find Monday motivation

Sophie Perryer, Content Writer · 29 Aug

It’s Monday morning. Back to the grind. You’re on your commute, mentally going through your jam-packed calendar and never-ending to-do list. What you need is a good dose of Monday motivation. Something to get you revved up and ready for the week ahead. Well, you’re in luck – we’ve got plenty for you below…

1. Rest up

According to employment law, workers have the right to 11 hours rest between shifts – so, if you finish work at 8pm, you shouldn’t start until after 7am the following day. Employers have a legal obligation to respect this right, but it’s also a good rule of thumb to follow if you’re a freelance worker, or doing additional work from home over the weekend.

You’ll be far more productive on Monday morning if you get a decent break on Saturday and Sunday (lounging hungover on the sofa watching Netflix doesn’t count). Why not try seeing a film at the cinema, or visiting a local gallery? Taking in some culture will exercise your mind – and make you far more interesting to talk to come Monday morning.

2. Lock down your Monday morning routine

Those first few hours set the tone for the rest of the day – make sure you start yours off right. Rushing out of the door with your shoelaces untied and a piece of toast in your hand is stress-inducing and will leave you flustered. Instead, give yourself plenty of time to wake up and get yourself ready for the day ahead. Little things such as choosing an outfit which makes you feel confident, or taking the time to make a decent breakfast, can have a profound effect on your mindset.

Monday motivation

3. Kick off with a workout

Aside from the many mental and physical health benefits of regular exercise, research has shown that a gym sesh can actually make you more productive. Scientists from the University of Georgia found that those who exercised on a regular basis experienced higher energy levels and an uplift in mood, which in turn boosted their productivity levels. Ergo, hitting that treadmill on a Monday morning is just as good for your workload as it is for your waistline. Need some Monday fitness motivation? Check out @bradleysimmonds, @aliceliveing and @alexia_clark on Instagram.

4. Read an inspirational tale

For a healthy dose of Monday motivation quotes, pick up a stimulating book. This could be the latest business bible, the memoir of one of your icons, or even a book of inspiring mantras. By reading about others’ paths to success, and the challenges that they faced along the way, you can visualise yourself following in their footsteps.

5. Get the toughest thing done first

Structure your to-do list so the most challenging tasks are at the top, and aim to tackle those first thing. Admittedly, it’s not the nicest way to start the week, but you’ll feel much better at 5pm knowing that that big report isn’t still hanging over your head. Plus, you’ll be able to structure the rest of your week much better knowing that the hardest task is out of the way.

Monday motivation 3

6. Find something to giggle at

One quick google brings up tonnes of Monday motivation gifs and memes, to help you start the day with a smile on your face. A sense of humour and positive attitude is infectious, and you’ll find that it not only impacts on your mood, but on your colleagues too. Check out the hashtag #MondayMotivation on social media.

7. Plan a holiday

Having an exciting trip in the diary can help you fend off a case of the Monday blues. Make the most of your holiday package by booking short trips throughout the year, so you’ve always got something to look forward to. While you’re away, steer clear of your inbox, and soak in the surroundings instead. You’ll return with fresh ambition – and who knows, maybe even a suntan.

8. Think outside of the box

It’s easy to get bogged down in admin tasks, and find yourself distinctly unmotivated. Make some time for a creative project – it doesn’t necessarily have to be work-related, and it could be something as simple as designing some new business cards for yourself, or rearranging your living room. By nourishing your creative side, you’ll boost your mental capacity, and find yourself returning to the nitty-gritty feeling far more refreshed.

Monday motivation 5

9. Music to your ears

We know, we know, we did say in the title of this post that we wouldn’t mention any Beyoncé quotes. But the queen of R&B knows a little something about getting motivated on a Monday morning. Whether you’re belting out ‘WHO RUNS THE WORLD - GIRLS!’ in the shower or shimmying your shoulders to Crazy In Love on your commute, one thing’s for sure - you’ll be raring to go when you hit your desk. Not a Beyoncé fan? (Who ARE you?!) Check out Spotify for a selection of inspirational hits, from the 60s to the present day.

10. When all else fails… coffee

If you need a quick hit of Monday motivation, nothing beats a super strong espresso. It’s not a long-term fix, but it’ll certainly motivate you through that meeting!

There’s plenty of ways to embrace Motivation Monday, from shaking up your morning routine to trying out a new fitness regimen. What motivates you on a Monday? Tweet us @perkbox to give us your top tips.
As Nelson Mandela once said, ‘it always seems impossible until it’s done’.

Monday motivation espresso

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