4 Steps to a More Engaged Workforce

According to the Investors in People report, 47% of UK employees were looking to change jobs in 2018 and a staggering 25% said they were unhappy in their current roles.

Those figures matter. Every business’s greatest asset is its people. The costs of recruiting and training new employees will always be higher than keeping hold of your existing staff.

Creating an office where employees feel motivated and happy isn’t an exact science, but there are several things you can do to encourage it. Take a look at our 4 steps to an inspirational workplace.

1. Make your staff feel valued. 

Offer perks and benefits

A competitive salary will satisfy an employee’s basic needs, but office perks and benefits go one step further. The 2018 MetLife Employee Benefit Trends Survey found more than half (55%) of employees highly value the benefits they receive at work – an increase of 25% on the 2015 findings. They can also be the easiest things to implement.

From team nights out, to subscribing to a scheme such as Perkbox, offering your staff something other than money is a cost-effective way to make them feel valued and retain them for longer.

What’s mine is yours

A staff member who is engaged with your business is far more likely to stick around. Encourage personal investment in your business by giving your employees shares and you're guaranteed to increase loyalty and commitment. 

Why thank-you!

Whether it’s a post-it note, an announcement at a team meeting on a job-well done, or a payday bonus - there are many ways to say thank-you. It’s one of the simplest yet most effective ways to recognise and value your staff.

2. Create a comfortable working environment 

Open plan, open mind

Open plan offices encourage employees to interact with each other face to face. They can even make people smile more - a sign of a happy workplace. The flip side is an increase in unwanted noise. Combat this by providing headphones or introducing carpets, thicker curtains and sound insulation.

Too hot, too cold, just right

Maintaining a consistent temperature (between 21-22 degrees) helps concentration and productivity. Let the fresh air and sunlight in, provide fans and heaters depending on the time of year and watch the office mood improve.

Please stand up

Sitting down for too long is bad for us and our bodies and minds know it. Get your staff on their feet and feeling better with flexible sit-stand desks and adjustable chairs. The investment will pay off in increased energy levels and reduced sickness and absenteeism.

3. Care about health and wellbeing

Work-life balance

Staff that can’t fit their life around work are more likely to leave. Flexible working policies like working from home arrangements and generous annual leave packages help your staff get a work-life balance that suits them.

Get active

Being physically active reduces stress and makes us healthier. Providing showers and changing rooms, offering free gym membership or organising sessions such as lunchtime football or after work yoga will help staff get more active during the working day.

Take a break

Providing a well-stocked kitchen and communal eating spaces will boost workplace morale. A manager who doesn’t clock-watch the lunch break will help staff feel more relaxed and will be repaid when that extra overtime is needed.

4. Focus on management and support

Challenge accepted

Being challenged is one of the most satisfying parts of any job. Set your employees challenges that are difficult but achievable, to give them that sense of satisfaction.

Going places

Everyone wants to feel that they are progressing in their career. Professional development is crucial to maintaining staff engagement – give regular feedback to keep staff interested and help them perform better.

Trust in me

Trust your employees to do the work you hired them to do. Don’t micromanage - you’ll disempower your staff and restrict their potential. Delegate, be on hand for support and celebrate successes - you’ll be thanked for it.


In summary - employees like to feel valued and trusted, challenged yet comfortable. Encourage that kind of workplace and you’ll bring out the best in them.

Follow the simple steps above to create the kind of office that inspires great work. Consider investing in a scheme like Perkbox to make sure employees feel happier away from their desks too – in the end, you’ll benefit from their extra happiness, wherever they find it.

How do you find out more? 

Have a chat with our engagement experts and see the platform for yourself.

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