‘Bring Your Dog to Work Day’ soon to hit UK offices

Hannah Sims · 13 Jun

It’s almost that time of year again – when workers can bring their dog to the office! Bring Your Dog to Work Day is a nationwide, annual event held on June 23 that aims to make a difference to how dogs are treated across the world.

Established in 2013, it is founded and organised by HOWND, a provider of ethical dog grooming products.

Bringing dogs into the office is a rising trend for improving productivity and the working environment. We at Perkbox have followed suit! Our Chief Happiness Officer, Dexter, is always keeping everyone positive and happy in the office. But why do it? Pets in the workplace make it a far more open and friendly place as stroking dogs is proven to release oxytocin – which helps with social bonding!

However, these four-legged new recruits bring a mixed bag of personalities to the workplace environment, some more desirable than others. It’s safe to say that, just like there are some people who aren’t ready for office life, some dogs won’t fare well.

But how do you know which dog is the one for your office?

BusinessBee conducted a survey of 50,000 dog lovers to understand which cuddly pets are the best for their working day. Here are the top 5 dogs that are perfect for your office:


1. Pit Bull

Although this isn’t the most obvious choice for many, it's easy to see why they came number one. Despite having a bad reputation in the media, all the problems around Pit Bulls derive from their not-so-loving companions. If you actually want a gentle dog that’s eager to please - a Pit Bull is a great low-shedding best friend...


2. Labrador

The reason this friendly breed came number two is because they are happiest when they are by their owner’s side! They are also one of many breeds who are often service animals that are selected for their intelligence and obedience - making them great office dogs!


3. German Shepherd

Their fierce loyalty and easily trainable nature makes them a great addition to your office!


4. Golden Retriever

If you need a face for your business, the Golden Retriever is the one... Their willingness to pose for pictures and play catch on your break makes them a lot of fun in the office.


5. Siberian Husky

They are beautiful and friendly and will quickly great everyone as though they are all friends. Their kind nature will brighten any stressful day at work!

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