5 incredible employee wellbeing tips that will 1/2 absenteeism

Oliver JM, writer and content manager · 17 Jan

With 11 million working days lost each year due to stress, these 5 healthcare professional backed tips will help provide an antidote to anxiety, reduce absence and boost productivity

1. Engage in regular one-to-ones

This helps address anxieties around work before they become problems. Managers should be briefed on recognising the symptoms of stress and ill-mental health.

2. Provide a 24/7 emotional support helpline

Employees need a professional and confidential space where they can discuss mental health concerns at all times. Check out Perkbox's Employee Support Hub for more information.

3. Promote physical wellbeing

Physical and mental wellbeing are intrinsic to one another. Help your employees make the right choices by giving them the tools, education and support they need to stay healthy.

4. Encourage flexible working

It’s an effective way to counteract long hours and to help your people balance work and home responsibilities.

5. Proactively share recognition

Burnout most affects high performers, so don't let your employees’ hard work go unnoticed. Reward and recognition schemes can have a huge impact on your organisational culture.

Follow these simple steps to promoting mental wellbeing in your workplace, or have a chat with Perkbox about launching a comprehensive employee wellness strategy today.


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