5 ways to end the office temperature battle

Hannah Sims · 06 Jun

Nearly half of office workers (47%) cited differences over the office temperature as the aspect of their working environment that causes the most frustration.

What did the research find?

A survey by Emo Oil revealed that 57% of workers consider their office too hot, whilst 43% believe the opposite. Some 63% said that the temperature affects their productivity at work, and 32% revealed that the office temperature even leads to regular arguments among colleagues in their place of work.

Additionally, one in six (17%) even admitted to having asked their manager to work from home due to being unhappy with the temperature in their working environment.

Suzanne Waddell, marketing manager at Emo Oil, said: “It’s surprising to see that the office temperature is such a point of contention in UK workplaces.

“It seems here in the UK, we just can’t agree on acceptable temperatures, so much so that it is leading to dips in productivity and rows amongst colleagues at work. We recommend an impartial member of staff – such as someone in facilities – regularly reviews the office temperature according to the outside temperature.”

office temperature

Who is affected?

According to the survey, those working in information and communications had some of the hottest offices in the UK (86%), with those working in facilities management having the coldest offices (15%).

Top five sectors with the hottest office temperature

1. Information and communications – 86%
2. Marketing – 82%
3. Professional service (law, accountancy) – 78%
4. Education – 73%
5. Creative and photographic – 71%

Top five sectors with the coldest office temperature

1. Retail – 27%
2. Healthcare – 25%
3. Construction – 19 %
4. Oil and utilities – 17%
5. Facilities management – 15%

Five ways to deal with it

Here at Perkbox, we’re all about boosting productivity, so we’ve come up with five tips on how to deal with the temperature situation at work.

  1. Offer a relaxed dress code – this will allow employees to dress in a way for the temperature they want/require.
  2. If the office has the facility, create a warm side and cool side (with fans or radiators) in order to ensure employees can work where they feel most comfortable and productive.
  3. The option for flexible working can also help solve the office temperature troubles.
  4.  Providing additional facilities such as cold water dispensers for those who are hot and warm drinks for those who are cold.
  5. Ensure employees are permitted breaks to boost productivity and move around.

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