5 ways your staff can save even more this Black Friday with Perkbox

Geir Darge · 21 Nov

The hype around Black Friday and has begun. On Friday the 23rd, retail prices all around the UK will plummet, recovering mere days later, after a weekend of feverish and sometimes dangerous shopping.

But where did it all come from, why was it so successful and how can Perkbox help you save even more this Black Friday.

What does Black Friday look like?

Picture the scene: a crowd of people swell through Asda, shouting while grabbing items off shelves. Two men are screaming insults at each other, fighting over a 50-inch plasma TV...

A description like this may conjure memories of the London riots and rightly so, however, the scenario above is from a video taken from ASDA two years ago, during their Black Friday sale.

It’s a bizarre and maniac weekend. This year a quarter of Brits are expected to carry out their Christmas shopping during Black Friday, spending an estimated £10bn, with most transactions happening online.

Sale rack clothes

Employers may despair at this news, considering the enormity of working hours lost to online browsing at work. However, think of the dip in productivity as a necessary evil. Christmas and in particular the expense of it all can be an incredibly stressful time of year for employees.

The money saved on Black Friday, with additional discounts courtesy of Perkbox, is sure to promote employee happiness.

Where did it come from?

In 2013, Asda (Walmart’s baby sister) decided to import the tradition from across the Atlantic whereby national sales are declared the day after Thanksgiving.

Being right in the middle of Christmas shopping season, of course Asda’s Black Friday Sale was a national success- too much of a success in many cases.

men on escalator in shopping centre

So why do we all love Black Friday?

Why did the UK go wild for this invented tradition? Usually, something so overtly American would be scoffed at.

Well the reason is something we’re all too familiar with at Perkbox: discounts make a big difference if you haven’t got much to spare.

With wage increases dawdling behind the rate of inflation in most industries, the ability to cut costs and make your pay go that little bit further appeals to everyone.

To get the most out of this Black Friday, using one of Perkbox digital vouchers can provide a further 10% discount in some of the biggest sales happening in the UK this weekend.

woman shopping sale on ipad

Top 5 biggest sales happening this Black Friday

So where are the biggest deals this Black Friday and how can Perkbox help you make those discounts go even further?

  1. Apple

An Apple sale sounds about as likely as time-travel, however, the world's biggest tech company have always had a soft spot for Black Friday. As with anything Apple does, the specifics are shrouded in mystery but what we do know is the sale is sticking to tradition and runs from Black Friday to Cyber Monday. The tech giant have also hinted at some sort of "announcement", so it's worth heading down to their stores in person.

What: In typical Apple style, there is no concrete information to go by but a betting man might look for discounts on the iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and perhaps the iPad 10.5.

How to get the most out of it: If the apple of your eye (lord) hasn't made it into the sale, fear not. Perkbox offers a 10% saving on Apple products.  

Amazon echo

  1. Currys and PC World

The one-stop-shop for everything electrical has gone and launched their sale two weeks prior to Black Friday… so hurry up!

What: Biggest savings are looking geared towards Cameras, Fridges, TV’s and household appliances.

How to get the most out of it: Prior to shopping purchase a discounted digital voucher from the Perkbox platform and save an additional 8%.

  1. Argos

An institution of bargain-shopping, Argos’ visionary business model brought a quasi-online style of shopping to the high-street far before the titans of online retail began trading.

Lasting from the 16th till the 27th, Argos’s sale is looking more like Black November.

What: Expect up to a third off toys, tech-gear and video games.

How to get the most out of it: Prior to shopping, purchase a discounted digital voucher from the Perkbox platform and save an additional 6%.

festive shopping mall

  1. Asos

Ever wondered why the high-street fashion is dying? A big part of it is down to Asos. The clothing conglomerate covers all aspects of fashion for all shapes and sizes. Their sale kicks off on the comparatively conservative 23rd.

What: Expect huge deals on winter essentials like coats, jumpers and boots.

How to get the most out of it: Prior to shopping, purchase a discounted digital voucher from the Perkbox platform and save an additional 9%.

  1. John Lewis

Brimming with British integrity, John Lewis will not be partaking in Black Friday overtly but has guaranteed to price match against many of its competitors during the saving’s period.

How to get the most out of it: Prior to shopping, purchase a discounted digital voucher from the Perkbox platform and save an additional 5%.

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