Are you worthy of your wearable?

Mina Pampus · 06 Mar

Wearables are the name used to refer to the latest trend of wearable technologies that have become prevalent in many offices.

It seems now that it is no longer just the resident gym bunny who sports one of these futuristic monstrosities/wonders (delete as appropriate) but also your Average Joe, who, in a bid to blast his paunch, has recently denounced his reliable time piece in favour of one of these. They monitor all sorts, including the number of steps you take, your heartbeat and even your sleep.

Much to the dismay of the wearables ignorant, however, just having your wearable on your wrist is not enough to make you the next Olympic athlete. Read on for some top tips to help you make the most of your device, even if you do spend the majority of the day office bound. Indeed, they might even help you to become the next Olympic athlete … We’re optimists after all!

Tip #1: Analyse

Wearables provide you with a wealth of information that can sometimes be overwhelming to sift through, especially if you, like us, would rather spend your precious free time on something somewhat more mindless. It is, however, important to take a look every now and again and tweak your routine accordingly. Otherwise, your hard work becomes futile. And, you won’t be able to boast about the number of steps you took that week. (Or lack thereof...)


Tip #2: Compete

There’s nothing like a bit of competition to get you to up your game. Lots of wearables allow you to compare yourself to others, so get your colleagues on board and let the battle commence. Why not set yourself some targets to achieve as well? And don’t forget to reward yourself when you perform well. We believe in the importance of balance! Or maybe we are just looking for an excuse to eat that chocolate bar...

Tip #3: Moderate

A word to the wise. These things can get addictive… Trust us! In order to prevent them from disturbing your work day, it is advisable to tailor your notifications so that they do not distract you.


Tip #4: Charge

Don’t forget! Though wearables are worn like a watch, they are not two of a kind and you must keep charging your device. Get into the habit of charging your wearable at your desk. After all, you don’t want to charge it at night when it should be monitoring your all important shut-eye.

Tip #5: Manage

Make your steps matter! Regular movement is incredibly important. Even if you completed your 10,000 steps at a world record place during your (somewhat more sweat filled) commute to work, be sure to keep active throughout the day. Take the stairs, take your meetings on-the-go or why not pay a visit to your friend who works on a different floor!

Goldsmiths University conducted a survey which reported an 8.5% increase in productivity, as well as a 3.5% boost in job satisfaction for users of wearable technology. Take the above tips on board and watch your job productivity and satisfaction soar.


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