10 questions that will reveal your company culture

Emily McMahon · 30 Aug

 Company culture is a tricky thing. We’re all agreed of its importance, yet nobody knows exactly how to cultivate one.

There are no paint-by-number culture frameworks to follow – uniqueness is the quality that makes the best ones stand out. There are, however, enough commonalities among those that have thriving cultures that can be used to point organisation leaders in the right direction.

Take, for example, top companies like Adidas, Google and John Lewis. They’re known to the HR world for their standout retention and engagement rates – two of the most reliable measures of company culture.

These brands use generous employee benefits packages as tools to motivate workforces into achieving business goals. But it would be wrong to think that their cultures reply on the offering of unlimited travel or flexible working hours alone.

Business leaders understand that culture is the sum total of a myriad of company traits, from transparent communication and coaching programmes, to staff empowerment and progression schemes.

After reviewing the offerings of the top 5% of UK workplaces, we’ve narrowed down 10 questions that will help determine whether your company culture is traditional, emerging or modern.

Based on the results, we’ll give you guidance on how to improve employee happiness, engagement, and, ultimately, company culture.

Take the quiz now - to find out what culture you really have.


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