How to cope with the Bank Holiday blues

Hannah Sims · 26 May

That's it until the 28 August. No more bank holidays. In the last six weeks you’ve had four public holidays – that’s more than one every other week.

In all honesty, you’ve got more than a little used to working for only four days, not five. So, how on earth are you going to get through the series of five-day weeks ahead? Especially Monday! Luckily, we've written a handy guide to how to cope with the bank holiday blues. We’ll get you through. Just follow our plan for surviving Monday.

We just won’t be doing any of your work for you.

How to cope when you wake up


Put on your favourite pair of socks. Stripy? All the better. If they’re freshly laundered: well, is there any better way to start the day?


Enthusiastically greet the first person you see when you leave your house. 'Good morning, Mrs Across The Road!'


Stop somewhere and buy some fruit for your team. A bunch of expensive cherries if you're splashing out. Otherwise... grapes. Wait! Seedless grapes.

bank holiday

As soon as you step in the office


You've arrived! Say hello to everyone. Tell an amusing story from your weekend involving a barbeque skewer. Don’t utter the words ‘bank holiday blues’: they’re definitely cursed.


Wait at least five minutes before checking your emails. Write a to-do list, catch up with a colleague. Do anything except plunging straight into the inbox.


Do something good for your posture. Set up an alert telling you to sit straight every 15 minutes or so.

How to get down to work


Settle down to a long task and try a new way of breaking down your time. Why not set a timer to go off in 40 minutes?


Freak out at the sound of the timer.


Refill your bottle of water. Make a tasty drink. Possibly featuring turmeric.

bank holiday


Time to crack on a playlist for a long task. Choose something you've never heard before. Mongolian throat singing? Forgotten harpists of the thirties?


Give up and change to ABBA.Give up and change to ABBA.


Just a minute on Wikipedia because you forgot the second girl in ABBA was called Anni-Frid.


Ok, back to work.


Five-minute break. Go outside and walk to the end of the car park. Consider taking up smoking so you have a reason to be outside.


How to cope in the afternoon


Lunch. Buy three things you haven't eaten before and make them go together with the help of salad and dressing: ham, mozzarella and a nectarine?


Do something easy to ease back into work. Send those emails. Refill your water.


Will health and safety allow you to have a grape throwing and catching in your mouth competition?


Another breath of fresh air outside. This time, take along someone who likes you.

Getting through the home stretch


Look at your to-do list again. Is there anything that you need to get done by the end of today? Assess it now.


Short walk around the office. Refill your water. Snack.


For some reason, you have a sudden burst of energy and get loads done.


You get the shock of your life when Mrs Across The Road shouts 'Good Evening!'

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