iPhone 7: your new best friend in the workplace

Hannah Sims · 13 Sep

Pharrell Williams, James Corden and Tim Cook. What could possibly have brought these three to the centre of the world’s attention last week? The launch of the iPhone 7000 7, of course!

Apple aficionados around the world smugly rejoiced, whilst technophobes cowered away. Whether you consider yourself in the former, the latter or somewhere in between, join us as we map out how the features of Apple’s shiny new offering could actually help you in the workplace.


1. By letting you natter for longer

We will allow you to interpret this one as you may. This could be for time spent calling important business contacts or a quick (3 hour) catch up in the corridor. Regardless, the 14% increase on the battery life of the iPhone 7 will allow you to stave off the dreaded “Battery Low” notification for two hours longer.


The battery life on the iPhone 7 is 14% bigger than previous models.

2. By facilitating your aspirations of becoming a DJ

How’s your taste in music? If you’d consider yourself the Annie Mac of the office, this one is for you. The speaker on the new iPhone will allow you to play music twice as loud as the iPhone 6. Excellent news for you, not such excellent news for your colleagues… On top of that, the Harvard Business Review has proven that upbeat music can improve productivity in the workplace. So crank up that Kanye/Robbie/Elvis (delete as appropriate) and redirect all complaints to Perkbox HQ.


3. By leading you away from life as the office jester

It’s happened to all of us. That soul-destroying moment when you rise from your chair, grab your pass from your desk, ready to head to the water cooler with the confidence of a model on the catwalk. WHAT ARE THESE PHYSICAL CHAINS PULLING ME BACK TO MY DESK. Then you realise, your headphones are still attached to your computer. OK, maybe it’s not happened to all of us. But, for those who have been subjected to this terrorising experience, you will be pleased to hear that the wires on iPhone headphones have met their fate. The iPhone 7 has no headphone port. RIP headphone wires. Apple claims that this move has facilitated another excellent feature. Which brings us to our next point…


4. By preventing nervous breakdowns in the office

The world’s clumsy community have found in Apple their new guardian angel. Owners of the iPhone 7 will never again be subjected to the toilet/back pocket/iPhone induced fit of hysteria that many of you may be familiar with. The new iPhone is waterproof. That’s right, it will even be protected from any tea spillings or commute-time rain. If this isn’t enough and you would consider yourself at risk nevertheless, don’t forget that as a Perkbox customer, you have access to free phone insurance!

So there you have it. A comprehensive guide to the detailed specifications of the new iPhone 7. And on top of that, a perfectly eloquent debate to convince someone else (or yourself if needs be) that you deserve a treat, a treat in the form of the new iPhone 7.

Don’t say we don’t treat you well.

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