Make Huge Savings In 2017 With This Simple Workplace Approach

Hannah Sims · 16 Jan

According to a recent study by CIPD, a shocking 61% of UK employees are actively disengaged at work.

Want to avoid falling into this category? The key to an engaged workforce is to make sure you are using the right perks and benefits to keep your team motivated.

It is a well-known fact that a large percentage of companies have their own bonuses and perks in place. Pay just simply doesn’t cut it anymore. Perks and benefits commonly rank amongst the top reasons for employee satisfaction. What happens, then, when companies cannot offer their own perks and inspire their employees?

This is where Perkbox comes in. Accessible to all, the Perkbox model gives “perk-less” companies the opportunity to take advantage of the perk systems of other companies. Through allowing small enterprises the chance to offer a wide array of benefits to their employees, keeping them happy and thus engaged, Perkbox has levelled out the employee engagement playing field.

What does Perkbox do?

Perkbox is the UK's fastest growing employee benefits company offering perks and benefits to companies of all sizes. It allows companies to offer a set of perks second to none. From free mobile phone insurance to big discounts off high street brands, there is a perk for everyone.

Perkbox acts as a subscription service to the perks of other companies. Any company, anywhere can sign up to Perkbox. It is a superb service and one recommended to every HR department. It works in an incredibly simple way, where any company can enrol their employees, gaining them access to a range of nationwide benefits.

World famous tennis star Andy Murray has invested considerably in the company. "I was interested in Perkbox as I employ a large number of people. I’m sure they’ll all be wanting to hear lots more about Perkbox," said Murray in a statement.

So what's in it for me?

Perkbox provides on-the-go-access to a variety of perks, ranging from free phone insurance and 2-for-1 meals out to major gym, hotel and supermarket discounts.

Emotional wellbeing:

Their online Rewards & Recognition system encourages both top-down and peer-to-peer recognition. On the platform, managers can reward star employees with anything from a bottle of champagne, to a skydive, and teammates can recognise each other through the exchange of customised digital badges. Their employee assistance helpline provides the team with 24/7 access to qualified counsellors and consultants when they most need it.

Physical wellbeing:

Their Wellness Hub is an online platform hosting a variety of professionally-made fitness, yoga, meditation and healthy cooking videos. Employees can access the Hub at any time, making it easy to integrate healthy living into their busy lives.

Here’s how you do it

To get your workplace on Perkbox, simply click the link below and follow the on-screen instructions:


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