PB News: UK workers much less interested in salary when job hunting

Hannah Sims · 24 Mar

So it turns out money ain’t a thing when it comes to attracting talented workers in the UK. ManpowerGroup solutions has just released a study (on Wednesday, 23 March), which made it official that jobseekers are more attracted to a healthy office culture and a fun work environment than high salary.

Only 27% of British employees rank salary as an important factor, compared to the 54% global average. By contrast, workers in countries like China and Mexico are much more money-minded; 81% and 73% respectively rated compensation as their number one motivation.
The most important factor for Brits is, in fact, the type of work they’re doing. Compared to global average of 56%, a whopping 76% Brits were most inspired by the job description. Geographic location is important to 53% of those surveyed in the UK, and office perks are important to 40% (goodie!).

“People with in-demand skills are making different career choices today based on lifestyle preferences and beliefs, which complicates traditional recruitment models and forces companies to think differently about their recruitment and workforce management strategies,”-Kate Donovan, Senior Vice President of ManpowerGroup Solutions.

What do we think?

So we can see there is a shift of attraction from high salaries to office culture and environment in the UK. The fact that people are less focused on salaries should be a clear signal to the HR manager and managing directors to invest time and money on things that boost employee happiness.
Employers need to adapt, by tweaking their recruitment and retention strategies to reflect the change in employee attitudes. Simply offering a competitive salary won’t cut it; your workplace and company culture needs to breed positivity as well. We have previously laid out some of the ways to make your office a more positive environment: treat those employees who want it to a standing desk, invest in a ping pong table and simply give your employees the due recognition they deserve.


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