3 ways to reward your employees this Christmas (and beyond)

Emily McMahon · 08 Nov

Reward and recognition is all the rage for HR, but what exactly does a successful programme look like?

We recently teamed up with the guys at OnePoll and surveyed 2000 demographically diverse employees to understand the state of employee engagement in the UK. The study found that 32% of employees feel their dedication isn’t sufficiently recognised and rewarded, and as much as 36% feel they are likely to change jobs within a year.

For many organisations, effectiveness over the Christmas period is a good litmus test for overall performance – annual targets must be met and customer contracts renewed. Both, of course, require motivated workforces.

Therefore Christmas is an opportunity for businesses to demonstrate appreciation of their people, and show an interest in their wellbeing – on an emotional, physical, and financial level. The problem is that many employers don’t know the exact components of a successful reward and recognition programme.

Join Engage for Success and Perkbox on Tuesday 14th November as we explore reward and recognition best practices, and highlight the business benefits of incentivising employees – not just for Christmas, but all year round.

The session will explore:

  • The growing importance of having an employee recognition programme.

  • How organisations are boosting employee satisfaction and performance with reward and recognition programmes.

  • The industry movement towards a more fulfilling world of work.

To register for this exclusive webinar, click on the image below or click here to register. 

Reward employees

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