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Hannah Sims · 18 Apr

Perkbox’s new magazine WorkLife has officially launched!

Every year brings new legislations, codes of practice and changes for businesses - and 2017 is predicted to do the same. Many people would agree that 2016 wasn’t the best yet - whether that was because of the Brangelina break-up, celebrity deaths or shocking political landslides.

And in the working world, the salary sacrifice changes announced in the Autumn Statement, the increase in the National Living Wage and Britain’s exit from the EU, were enough to give employers a busy first quarter. 2017 is expected to see changes in the pay and benefits space come into force, with several more to follow in 2018.

As the changes come into place, it will be essential for organisations to prepare for them without damaging their engagement levels. One area where individuals may require more support following these changes will be on their finances. Neyber’s DNA of Financial Wellbeing report found that financial worries are costing businesses £120bn a year, with approximately 17.5 hours lost a year due to employees taking time off work because of financial stress. This has also been proven to impact the mental health of individuals, proving a need to cater for employees’ financial wellbeing. To read the full article for this see page 16 in the magazine.


Financial worries are costing businesses £120bn a year, with approximately 17.5 hours

WorkLife will cover industry specific topics and is designed to act as a guide for managers, employers, HR professionals and business owners.There will plenty to consider in this first issue, from understanding the importance of financial wellbeing and love in the workplace, to managing the office tea round and dealing with Brexit.


As the first quarter comes to an end, take the opportunity to think about the needs of your employees both personally and professionally, and find ways to keep them engaged and motivated.

If you’re a HR, professional manager, or employer and have a great strategy in place, get in touch with me on

Happy reading!

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