Perkbox allows us to invest in our people


One Development delivers innovation, change and efficiency through coaching & mentoring, training and consultancy.

We design our programmes from the perspective of the people we are supporting and in doing so develop the one degree that matters. Innovation is a key concept in the business world as employers grapple to understand how they can approach challenges within their organisation in a different way, and also how they can develop new products and services to remain, or become, market leaders in their fields. Efficiency is a key focus of organisations who need to maximise their profitability in order to remain competitive and sustainable. Change management is a challenge of many organisations and how they ensure they bring their people with them is increasingly crucial. Innovation, change and efficiency are recognised as the top priorities of most organisations and so OneDegree Development is offering relevant and well needed intervention and support. Our drive for improvement through people allows us to be equally as innovative in the approach we take – that we also ask our clients to take – which supports us to adapt to changes within the market.

How has Perkbox helped your company?

As a start-up, recruiting temporary workers and associates, Perkbox allows us to invest in our people and help them to feel like a part of the team from the very beginning before we build enough to employ them full time.

The perks I have used the most is the Cinema (would be nice to see an increase in the offer to reduced 3D and IMAX and on the Unlimited card). I also subscribe to the Flavory box which is a something really nice to look forward to each month to try new products that aren’t yet in the supermarkets. The biggest saving is the Sainsbury’s card followed closely (due the the lack of office space!) by the Costa card! Finally I also have shopping card!

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