Planet Numbers

Everyone seems to love it!

Alex Deutsch · Planet Numbers

We are a telecommunications company based in Bournemouth who have been providing memorable telephone numbers (along with great, innovative services) to businesses around the country since 1999. We also offer ultra-cheap international calls to almost every destination across the globe.

What do you think about Perkbox and what has it done for your company?

We use Perkbox as a thank you for the all hard work our staff put into Planet Numbers. Overall, everyone seems to love it and we often hear stories of what our colleagues and staff members have got up to over the weekend - a lot of the time, using a Perkbox Perk.

Which perk(s) stand out as a particular favourite?

Generally, the most popular are the perks that allow our staff to save money on things; phone insurance and car breakdown cover were very well received. The discounted cinema tickets go down a treat too!

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