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"Everyone at the company has benefited from Perkbox."

Tanya Ruffles · RB Media Agency

RB Media Agency, based in Felixstowe, Suffolk provides full service integrated marketing, advertising, PR and design consultancy to a number of regional and national brands and businesses offering a range of products and services in various industry sectors. With a team of ten full and part time employees we decided to introduce Perkkbox in early 2015, as a way of rewarding our employees on an ongoing basis.

What do you think about Perkbox and what has it done for your company?

Everyone at the company has benefited from Perkbox in some way, despite having different tastes, needs and lifestyles; there really has been something for everyone and the perk has been received well by all. We’ve found the most popular perks to be the Cineworld vouchers and Tastecard, and we’ve found that we’re even eating out more as a team thanks for Perkbox and the discounts offered at a huge variety of restaurants local to us.

Employees have reported that a number of their friends and family have also been provided with Perkbox through their workplace, meaning time spent together outside of work can be much more affordable than ever before. Quite clearly this goes even further to reinforce the value of this perk to our staff.

We’ve even gone as far as to recommend Perkbox to a number of our clients as a way to incentivise and reward their employees.

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