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Redeeming just one perk alone creates a really positive environment.

Mike Parfitt · Team Metalogic Limited

At Team Metalogic we're not your typical IT crowd. We take confusing tech speak and translate it into plain old English. We also know what businesses want; consistently excellent IT support that doesn't complicate things, improves efficiency and saves money.

What we do is typically called ‘Managed Services for IT’ and we deliver these services the ‘Metalogic Way’.

When you do things the ‘Metalogic Way’, we become an extension of your business, always here to solve your problems. Whatever the industry, big or small, from complex networks to simpler systems, our friendly team are here to offer experienced support, but always in a language that you’ll understand.

What do you think about Perkbox and what it has done for your company?

We think Perkbox is a great offering to our team. At Team Metalogic we always try and do things differently and our staff are most certainly our strongest asset. We rely on having a strong team of skilled staff and focus on in-house training and development to make our staff the best they can be. Keeping those staff with us is therefore crucially important and we pride ourselves on really strong staff retention levels. From being awarded ‘Exemplar Employer’ status to providing flexible working and employee benefits anything we can do to improve the employee experience only further enhances the customer experience. Perkbox has gone down really well with our staff and redeeming just one perk alone creates a really positive environment.

Which perk(s) stand out as a particular favourite?

The most popular perks have been TASTECARD, CINEMA TICKETS and MOBILE PHONE INSURANCE.
In terms of our culture, although we’ve been established for over 12 years, we’re relatively young in terms of individual ages, so we take a fresh and innovative approach to management, operations and service delivery. We always strive to be different, to be the best we can be and to maintain strong lasting relationships with both our employees and our customers.

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