Tutor Doctor

Perkbox has helped us acquire and retain staff.

Shumit Rehman · Tutor Doctor

Tutor Doctor provides tuition in all subjects and at all levels across North and Central London.

We visit your home initially for a free consultation to assess your child's needs and then make a recommendation for the hours of tuition he or she needs and the kind of tutor that will be best for them. By meeting all our clients and all our tutors personally we get a good feel for who goes well with whom leading to much better results. We call this the Magical Match!

We guarantee a match because if it doesn't match up after the first session then we will listen to your feedback and send someone more suitable in. With over 100 tutors working for us regularly we can call on some of the most experienced tutors in the area.

How has Perkbox helped your company?

For a few months now we have used Perkbox to reward our highest achieving tutors. It has helped us retain tutors who may have thought of leaving us, it helps aquire tutors who are amazed that such a benefit is offered, and it helps foster more of an identity at the company.

What have been your favourite perks so far?

The perks that have been selected the most are the cinema tickets and the mobile phone insurance. Quite unbeatable.

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