Helping employees live better

We’re the platform that gives your team benefits that inspire a unique employee experience, enriching their personal and working lives.


Get awesome perks

Perkbox helps your employees stretch their pay cheques with heaps of perks, discounts, and freebies from big-name brands.

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Recognise high performance

Perkbox Recognition is our brand new, super-easy-to-use tool for identifying and celebrating your outstanding people. Use our rewards hub to incentivise high performance and say thanks for a job well done.

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Give your employees a voice

Traditional engagement surveys lack transparency and often lead to more questions than answers. Perkbox Insights makes gathering and acting on regular employee feedback easier than ever.

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Employee Surveys

We're award winning

Financial Times

"Perkbox has been a great tool with managing our monthly kudos awards by providing an interactive platform through which our team can vote for a high performing colleague."

Troy, Executive Director

People leadership is tough

Our content hub is here to make your job that little bit easier

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Which metrics to track when it comes to employee engagement

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4 ways to express your appreciation to your team

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February 2020 Calendar

Nothing beats hands-on experience

Perkbox is excited to have launched in Australia! We deliver employee experiences through a number of tools and channels to suit unique employee needs. We offer a huge range of employee perks and benefits accessible any time via app or desktop that are sure to increase your employee engagement levels. The Perkbox Recognition platform facilitates engaging reward and recognition activity across the whole organisation. Perkbox Insights is the next generation of employee engagement survey, enabling you to gather and act on employee feedback in a transparent and meaningful way. We also host events, publish books, write articles and create videos that will assist you in your quest for delivering the ultimate employee experience.