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One platform, a complete experience

The employee experience goes well beyond the working day. Perkbox is an all-in-one solution, engaging your team whether they’re in work or off the clock.

 All-in-one solution
 Perks and discounts
Health and wellbeing
Rewards and recognition

In life...

More than your average perk

Monthly pick-me-ups such as lunch and gelato, together with physical and mental wellbeing perks helps employees live a balanced lifestyle.

Learning and development

Empower your employees to grow professionally and personally with a range of educational perks to match any interest.

Daily essentials

With groceries, petrol, family holidays, shopping, entertainment, gyms, dining and takeaways all on offer – every base is covered.

In life

And at work...

Rewards for great work

Easily reward your top performers with our wide selection of vouchers and experiences.

Polls and recognition

Encourage peer-to-peer recognition, set fun challenges and celebrate outstanding achievements.

At work

Perkbox is the only all-in-one employee experience platform

Learn more about how we help businesses build their employee experience with:

perks Perks

Hundreds of perks, freebies and discounts

recognition Recognition

Celebrate outstanding work company-wide

Want to invest in the employee experience?

  • Happier employees at work and in life
  • Improved wellbeing across your workforce
  • Attract, engage and retain the best talent

Solve your engagement challenges

Every business wants to attract, engage and retain employees. Our platform helps you achieve those goals by addressing a number of key challenges. Together, they make up the employee experience.