Help your employees' pay cheques go further with exclusive 
discounts and freebies.

The every day essentials

Our perks are selected to support all areas of your employees' lives.

  • Access hundreds of discounts from leading shopping brands
  • Make savings on your everyday needs from Coles, Woolworths and more
  • Enjoy discounted rates on petrol, homeware and technology
The best perks in town

The healthy stuff

A healthy lifestyle is a key to unlock productive, happy working cultures so we've got a host of benefits to promote health and wellbeing including:

  • Access to best-in-market gym rates
  • Free access to thousands of premium fitness and workout videos
  • Complimentary access to hundreds of healthy cooking videos, recipes and classes
Save on the important stuff

The nice to have pick-me-ups

We give our team a handful of pretty impressive freebies as a matter of course, but occasionally we get carried away and run competitions for unforgettable prizes.

  • Totally free coffee from your favourite independent coffee shop each month
  • Regular limited-time offer freebies (think along the lines of craft beer and gelato)
  • Frequent social media and email competitions for holidays and more
Never stop learning

New perks coming onboard all the time...

We surprise and delight your employees with a constant stream of fresh new perks that they’re actually going to use!

  • Our perks team works around the clock to add exciting new perks
  • Average of 2 new perks added each week
  • Want a specific perk? Just let us know and we'll try and make it happen
The best things in life are free

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Learn more about Perkbox

Employee perks have gone big. It wasn’t so long ago that perks at work were thought of as a retention tool for employers, a goodwill gesture to deter staff from jumping to a competitor’s ship. But company benefits and perks do more than that. The most talented job-seekers have their choice of employers, and workplace perks hold a lot of weight in that decision. Smart businesses now use corporate perks as an expression of company culture and a means of attracting talent. But here’s the problem: in the midst of all this innovation, no one is quite sure which of the thousands of staff benefits are actually any use. Perkbox uses technology to help you personalise, manage, deliver and measure the best company perks in real time. With a perks at work program of over 200 benefits, we’ve got you covered.