Inspire your employees with great work perks and benefits

Having the right work perks and benefits can have a huge impact on the talent you attract to your business. It can also impact how you engage and retain employees.


of employees say they’re more likely to stay in their jobs because of their employee benefits package¹


of employees say a better benefits package would make them choose one company over another¹


of people report that benefits and perks are a major factor in considering whether to accept a job offer²

Centralise your company perks and benefits on Perks hub

With Perks hub, all your perks and benefits are in one location. Not only is this easier for you to manage, but it’s easy for employees to access — increasing your benefit takeup and ROI.

  • Simplify the employee experience with a single global app for all benefits
  • Add your own company benefits, big or small
  • Save time and resources with one easy-to-administer platform
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What's included with Perkbox

Benefits and discounts

Provide over 4,000 benefits and discounts worldwide

Give your employees access to a wide range of deals and discounts from the biggest brands, allowing them to shop and save all year round on things that matter to them.

This includes offers on:

  • Food and drink, from takeaways to supermarket discounts to wine offers
  • Tech and electronics such as mobile phones and computers
  • Home and garden, from DIY to home appliances
  • Health and beauty such as gym memberships and personal care
  • Entertainment, from cinema tickets to books and events
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Provide deals and discounts from the biggest brands

Flexible perks

Offer a selection of extra perks at no cost to your employees

Treat your employees with a monthly allowance of Flexi points to spend on a curated series of Flexi Perks.

  • Let employees get more without any cost to them — Flexi Perks are purchased solely with their Flexi points allowance
  • Serve up something for everyone with a range of Flexi Perks, from a coffee to an online therapy session to a music streaming subscription
  • Give people the choice of spending points right away or saving them for a more expensive Flexi Perk
collect flexi points to spend on flexi perks
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Featured brochure

Get an overview of Perks hub

Learn how you can provide global perks and benefits that constantly add value to your employees’ lives, all in one easy to manage place.

Custom company benefits

House all of your company benefits under one roof

Simplify your employee benefits offering by showcasing all your employee perks and benefits in one place.

  • Add benefits, from small ones like free beers on Fridays to big ones like private medical insurance
  • Choose and set who sees which benefit – company-wide, for one or more team or for one or more region
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Success Story

Australian Sports Foundation

“We have always been big on giving our staff a choice in terms of how they are rewarded, and the Reward points system has allowed us to continue providing choice and flexibility to our staff."

Jodie Constable
Executive Assistant

Jodie Constable

Success Story

Monica Vinader

"Perks hub was a nice added extra to help make people’s money go further. Flexi points have been really popular. We have people of all ages across the whole workforce."

Louise Sparkes
Senior People & Culture Manager

Louise Sparkes

Success Story


"It can be very hard to cover everybody’s needs, but Flexi Perks help us do that."

Leila Blackman
HR Manager

 Leila Blackman

Success Story


"It’s amazing how these small things make a big difference to people. I’ve had people consistently come and tell me they saved money on vouchers, days out, the cinema."

Cressida Sergeant
Chief Commercial Officer

 Cressida Sergeant

Success Story


"Perkbox has been a wonderful addition into our benefits package. From a cost-saving perspective it’s been brilliant for our teams."

Cressida Sergeant
Chief Commercial Officer

 Cressida Sergeant

Ready to give your employees great benefits?

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Celebrate and appreciate your employees with:

Reward & recognition

Recognise and reward your people in a personalised way, wherever they are

Benefits & discounts

Provide global perks and benefits that add value to your employees’ lives, wherever they are

Wellbeing support

Support your team's wellbeing with curated resources at their fingertips


Centralise company updates and showcase your culture across locations