Being part of this chosen bunch, we asked them to tell us what motivates them, how they’ve impacted their workplaces, and what advice they’d give to the next generation of leaders. And there’s something we can all take from the Female Force’s insight and apply to our own lives – no matter your gender, industry or chosen career. So, in no particular order, let us introduce to you: Perkbox’s 20 Female Forces of 2020!

Laureen McHaffie

Head of Human Resources at Phyllis Court Members Club

Laureen was hired by Phyllis Court in 2017 and asked to completely refresh and renew their entire HR strategy. She’s implemented a great deal of change in that time, taking Phyllis Court to new places and continuing their success.

laureen mchaffie headshot

Emma Brierly

Human Resources Director at Royal Lancaster London

Emma draws clear boundaries between her work and home life, a lesson we can all learn. She’s also launched a number of employee initiatives which have helped have a big impact on the workplace and on employee wellbeing.


Marie Aitken

Chief People Officer at SunLife

Marie is driven into building an inclusive culture for the employees of SunLife. She’s gone to great lengths to ensure that honest feedback is collected from employees and that their responses are used to push their business forward in a positive way.

Marie headshot

Rochelle Appleby

Founder and Owner of Red Frog for Families

Rochelle founded her own allied health clinic after taking inspiration from her son’s autism diagnosis. While founding the clinic, Rochelle also trained as a health consultant and now champions a robust wellbeing strategy at her new clinic.


Karen Beaven

Human Resources Director, Strategist & Author at The Mark Allen Group

Karen is responsible for some of HR’s most talked-about transformation projects. On a practical level, she’s a top-tier HR influencer, driven by quality and a clear commercial focus.

Karen Beaven headshot

Stacy Schapira

UK People Director at Caffé Nero

Stacy is a real people person and has helped many get through both work and personal challenges. This is reflected in the learning and development programme she implemented at her previous organisation, Jamie Oliver Restaurant Group, which lead to a huge reduction in staff turnover.

 Stacy Headshot

Beverley Budd

Head of HR at Wasabi Sushi & Bento

Beverley has crafted her HR career with a strong through-line in the the food and beverages industry. A journey which has now taken her to be Head of HR at Wasabi Sushi & Bento. Beverley is an advocate of having an open and honest company culture, ensuring there is an open door policy at all times.

Beverly Budd headshot

Berengere Lambert

Secretary General at Des Notaires Associés

Berengere has a no-nonsense attitude when it comes to the workplace. She’s cultivated her self-discipline to deal with challenges and manage teams successfully, and is a big advocate for success at work being about merit, not gender.


Lianne Baker

Group Human Resources Manager at O'Neill & Brennan

Lianne is a long time campaigner for more flexible working opportunities for working mums having experienced how this is still a struggle for many. She’s also a big advocate for mental health in the workplace, creating regular campaigns to keep colleagues talking to each other about their mental wellbeing.

Liane Baker headshot

Mariam Ogunbambi

Head of Card Operations at Starling Bank

Mariam has been making waves in the FinTech industry. She’s helped Starling Bank be the first bank to enable users to use Apple Pay before their physical card arrives, and has been named as a winner in the We Are Tech Women Top 50.

Mariam Headshot

Paulina Harvey

HR Manager at Sahara

Paulina really loves what she does, helping her see everything as an achievement and not a sacrifice. This extends to being incredibly supportive of her colleagues, providing flexible working hours on request and being there for them when they need her most.

Paulina Harvey headshot

Susie Campbell

Founder at Hullabaloo PR

Susie is a huge advocate for flexible working. At Hullabaloo, she’s created a business which embraces working remotely and from home, allowing working mums to continue their careers without feeling like they need to sacrifice their family life.

Susie Campbell Headshot

Catherine Allen

Head of Keeping People Happy at Ella’s Kitchen

Catherine lives to push people to fulfil their potential, whether her colleagues, herself or her children. She’s championed an evolving wellbeing programme at Ella’s Kitchen which includes the training of mental first-aiders – and has seen an overwhelmingly positive response from her workforce.

Catherine allen headshot

Kirsty Love

Head of Childcare Operations at Sunhill Daycare

Kirsty played a big role in creating an inspirational new environment for children to learn in, with positive feedback from parents, children and staff. She is also a pioneer of giving access to benefits and wellbeing tools to staff, launching both at Sunhill Daycare – much to the delight of their employees.

Kirsty Headshot

Heather Brooks

Office Manager at iZettle

Heather has the envious ability of being able to stay on top of all the plates she has spinning and still be an inspiration to her colleagues. Without Heather, the iZettle office wouldn’t have the same vibrancy and culture which is unique to their business.

Heather headshot

Andi Hirons

People Director at Brighton Grand Hotel

While balancing work and home life, Andi is incredibly active in the hospitality industry and gives her time to numerous HR communities.

Andi Hirons Headshot

Cheraine Ncube

Director of Human Resources at Sea Containers Hotel

Cheraine truly loves her job and her passion for people is obvious. She channels this into ensuring equal opportunities for all, pushing cultural awareness as a large part of her overall wellbeing strategy.

Rachel Kay

Head of HR at Ward Security

Rachel understands the importance of balancing work, family and wellbeing. She channelled this energy into developing a workplace which not only made lives better for employees but also had a big impact on customer satisfaction.

Rachel Kay Headshot

Samantha Robertson

Head of HR at Seafolly

Appreciation is a big part of Samantha’s life – even taking time to recognise her local barista. She also brings this appreciation to her colleagues, holding town hall meetings which celebrate the winners of their monthly recognition polls.

Samantha Robertson headshot

Amanda le Gros

Head of Marketing at CV-Library

Amanda is an inspirational individual. Not only does she help people develop, Amanda has also overseen a number of initiatives to improve company-wide communication which have helped to engage the workforce at CV-Library.

Amanda Le Gros Headshot

So there you have it. We hope you’ve taken inspiration from Perkbox’s 20 Female Forces of 2020. We know we have!