Scheduled sends
Completely confidential
Real-time results
Visual reports
Custom surveys

Send better surveys

Annual surveys can be time-consuming and often see low response rates.

Our pulse surveys are shorter and more frequent, helping your employees stay engaged. Choose from our question library, or build a custom survey from scratch.

Send better surveys

Ask the right questions

Hit the ground running with our psychologist-backed question library.

Chosen to tackle the ten key drivers of employee engagement, they’ll help you benchmark your organisation and uncover areas for improvement.

Ask the right questions

Help reduce staff turnover

  • Give your employees a voice
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Get real-time engagement data
  • Help reduce employee turnover

Get smart with your sends

Our algorithm sends each employee a different mix of questions. That helps keep things fresh and means you’ll start seeing valuable results from your very first send.

Just tell us when to send your surveys and we’ll do the rest.

Get smart with your sends

See your results in real-time

Our dashboard gives you a live overview of your organisation, so you can see the impact of your decisions.

Visual reports help you break down the results and easily identify your company’s strengths and weaknesses.

See your results in real-time
Feedback ebook

Transform your company culture with feedback

Read our guide to get started.

Make data-driven decisions

Change is often met with skepticism and resistance, but having the data to back up your proposals can make all the difference.

Our in-depth reports can help enhance your presentations, winning buy-in from leadership.

Make data-driven decisions

Reduce employee turnover

If you’re hearing about a problem for the first time in an exit interview, something’s gone wrong.

Insights helps you identify issues early, so you can make the right changes and avoid losing valuable employees.

Reduce employee turnover

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