With Perkbox your company will get:

Personalised professional development

Employees who develop professionally feel happier at work. Our platform has a range of free, discounted, and personalised courses which stretch learning and development budgets and bring new skill sets to your company.

Personalised professional development

Personal development

Allow your employees to take their learning and development out of the office with them. No matter the subject, your employees will be able to take a self guided approach to lifelong learning.

Financial awareness and education

Books and resources for less

Having the right resources can make all the difference to a successful learning and development program. On the Perkbox platform, employees get access to unlimited online reading libraries for less, as well as discounts on books from high street stores.

Books and resources for less

Want to invest in better learning and development?

Where else we help

Positive employee experiences attract, engage and retain the best talent. Which area do you want to focus on?

Perkbox is the only all-in-one employee experience platform

perks Perks

Access to hundreds of perks and discounts

recognition Recognition

Celebrate outstanding work company-wide

insights Perks

Honest employee feedback in real-time