Do you need to upgrade your benefits system?

Sophie Heatley, Content Writer · 10 Feb

There’s probably something wrong with your benefits system if your employees are yet to take a sniff at their welfare package, and they started several years ago. Here’s a few refurb ideas for you. Spruce up your company’s benefits system and your employees will never want to leave.

Benefits? I’m sold!

It’s true. There’s a reason many of us accept our status as human capital, and that’s because there are benefits to working like a dog from time to time.

A benefits system is made up of a range of extra incentives to help motivate and encourage employees in the workplace. This can be anything from a free dental care plan, a pension scheme, flexible working hours, to a lifetime supply of lollies and chocolate.

While a lifetime supply of sugary goodies should, of course, be standard, it’s not a core benefit. Core benefits are legally required benefits and should be distinguished from optional company rewards, otherwise known as company perks or, sometimes, trivial benefits.

It should be noted that a benefits system is not necessarily the same as a rewards system. A rewards system may only provide certain perks when a particular criterion is met, whereas a benefits system is usually made up of things which are unconditionally offered to employees, simply as a thank you for their work for the company. 

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Why do companies need a benefits system?

All good companies know that a good benefits system is one of the most important tenets to any business strategy. Why? Because it helps keep employees happy, and happy employees get positive results.

There’s a reason why jobseekers will take a job with a lower salary because the perks are more attractive: sometimes your wage isn’t enough to keep you inspired nor content in your position at work.

While the big capital might make you believe that everyone is hardwired to pursue money, money and more money, it’s not true. Wellbeing is actually pretty important too! And having a sound, up-to-date benefits system could increase your workforce wellbeing and improve your company culture tenfold.

What makes your employees tick?

That said, it’s all well and good having a benefits system in place, but if none of the benefits appeal to your employees, what’s the point in having one?

Funnily enough, Perkbox are pros at perks in the workplace – we even won an award for it. We know a thing or two about incentivising employees to work hard and stay put in their job. You want your employees to enjoy their benefits, right? So give them something they actually need or will benefit from. Here are a few things we think you should consider when upgrading your benefits system.

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Where is your company based? How do your employees get to work? Maybe you can have a benefit that will help your employees with their commute.

For companies with… let’s say more than 100 employees, you can find out this kind of information by sending out a short survey on the Perkbox platform. For smaller firms, you could simply ask in person. 

If you find that the majority of your employees cycle to work, it may be a good idea to organise some end of trip facilities or a cycling club. 

On the other hand, if you find that the majority of your employees are taking public transport and it’s costing them a fortune, help them out a little with subsidised travel. This is a contribution to their travel costs. Plan your travel benefits by making use of discounts with the major transport providers in your area.

Alternatively, if your company is based in a remote area, or your employees are required to travel extensively for the job, provide them with a company car.

The wellness revolution

Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock lately has probably noticed that the wellness industry is booming. 

A few good options to consider are offering either a free or subsidised gym membership for employers, organising corporate yoga classes for employees, or providing meditation courses or wellness programmes.

At Perkbox, for example, we provide online wellness incentives, including access to online fitness classes, as well as discounted gym memberships. 

This is maybe another time where polls will come in handy – we know how much you love polls. Find out what kind of things your employees would benefit from most. Maybe the demographic you’re dealing with aren’t interested in becoming gym bunnies and would rather something like a mindfulness and meditation course, or relax after work with food, drink, and entertainment perks

when life gives you lemons, make lemonade

Social life

With the above in mind, employees might not really be after excuses to wear their new gym leggings, nor a fancy company car. They might just want, you know, a bit of good company.

A great company benefit is the simple perk of being able to hang out with great people. However, often we’re so busy beavering away at our desks, we don’t really get a chance to look up and enjoy our neighbouring colleague's fabulous sense of humour.

Company events and social outings are super ways to improve company culture. They enable employees to get to know each other outside the office environment, when they’re able to blow off some steam, and to properly have a good old natter.

Social life benefits don’t necessarily have to be related to work though. These might come in the form of dinner or drinks vouchers for local restaurants, vouchers employees can treat their family with for example.

Training programmes with a twist

Another thing to consider when putting together your benefits system is training. Moving away from traditional ideas of training, why not think outside the box? Of course, you can always get better with coaching and mentoring within your sector, but what about going outside of your sector?

There are many benefits to trying new things and gaining insights into other areas of expertise. It keeps us open and interested as human beings  - it’s a sad day when we lose all curiosity, also widely known as adulthood.

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Give your employees something new to learn. All skills can be transferable! Have a few fun E-learning courses, like photography, creative writing, or how to use a particular design suite. 

These are all great things that will encourage employees to use their brains in a different way. Exercising the mind and keeping it active will have a great influence on their work ethic and general wellbeing.

Alternative perks like training programmes with a twist will nurture their minds while adding a new string to their bow.

Family life

A final thing to consider is the domestic and family life of your employees. Maybe a few members of your workforce recently had children. Flexible hours might be appreciated, so they don’t miss out on some of those special moments.

Follow up on your benefits system

Haven’t asked your boss about your benefits package in a while? You should. Although many companies will state a list of benefits in their job description or employment contract, not all do.

We recommend that you ask what benefits are included at a company before accepting a job there, as a good benefits system can ultimately change your entire experience of the job.

Likewise, asking beforehand may enable you to negotiate which benefits are best for you. For instance, maybe your company has a whole plethora of benefits, but not everyone is entitled to each perk. Which ones would benefit you most?

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With the above in mind, companies should be more vocal about their benefits system. For starters, attractive benefits systems make companies much more appealing to job seekers. It's also really rewarding for employees to know what they could actually receive, other than their paycheque, for their time spent at the company.

So, to briefly summarise, a benefits system is great for four key reasons:

  • It helps enhance company culture by improving workplace wellbeing and morale
  • It enables employers to assure staff retention
  • Happy employees are more productive, getting more positive results
  • It allows employees to add to their disposable income, increasing their financial stability and flexibility

What's not to love? Give your company's benefits system an upgrade.