The HOYTS brand comprises HOYTS Exhibition, with 51 cinemas across Australia and New Zealand, and Val Morgan which is made up of three advertising arms, Val Morgan, VMO (Val Morgan Outdoor) and Val Morgan Digital. “We really focus on bringing people together,” says Jodi Paton, Director of People, Performance and Culture. “Our vision is really all about creating the cinema of the future. We've done a lot of work over the last five or so years to really reset the benchmark of what cinema experience is in Australia. We talk a lot about our values underpinning the way we work and interact with each other, and we're constantly trying to do things better for our customers and our clients.”

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Jodi says HOYTS’ “FIERCE” company values — Focused, Innovative, Excellence, Resourceful, Caring, Empowered — are embedded at every stage of the employee lifecycle, starting in recruitment.

“From the first point of interaction as a candidate coming into the organisation, we use that opportunity to introduce our values as the behavioural anchor that our team, regardless of which part of the business you work for, uses. Those values are then integrated into all of our people processes across the organisation, through performance, reward and recognition, and so forth.”

Jodi says HOYTS didn’t have a structured recognition program even though they’ve always offered good employee benefits and regular quarterly rewards. After the events of COVID19 in 2020, recognising the team for their hard work throughout that difficult period came to the top of the priority list.
“All of our employees have taken a reduced salary of some sort throughout the year. We wanted to look at ways to offer rewards to our employees across the spectrum. What can we do to continue offering some kind of recognition albeit on a more values focused way of doing it? That was really our primary driver, wanting to have a channel of recognition without a high cost.”

It was important to Jodi that the platform chosen to recognise the HOYTS employees was tied to their FIERCE values, was cost effective, and could be rolled out across the business in stages, starting with a small test group.

“We want our team to feel valued.”

After deciding on Perkbox, HOYTS launched Perks to 330 of their office based employees. Amongst these employees, they redeemed 744 perks in five months, collectively saving up to $10,000. With an 97% activation rate, HOYTS has seen incredible usage amongst the team.

“Longer term, we want to use Perkbox to reinforce our values, the right types of behaviours that we want to see across the organisation, and we will be doing that through Perkbox Recognition later in the year.”

HOYTS was invited to be a beta tester of an upgraded version of the Perkbox platform, including new products and features, which will roll out to all customers later this year.


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