About this webinar

A strong employer-employee relationship has never been more important. Studies show that since the pandemic, employees have become more purpose-driven. Those who feel more aligned to the company mission and values are more likely to stay, and recommend the business as a great place to work.

But how exactly do you develop that connection between your business and your people — especially in an age where workforces are so dispersed?

That's what we’ll unpick in this webinar with Enboarder. It’s packed with practical tips that’ll help boost productivity, morale and retention in your business.

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What you can expect to learn

atom culture

Stats which prove the value of your company values


Tips on aligning your people with the company purpose

How reward and recognition can help you create the right culture

Ways to create a sense of belonging amongst dispersed workforces


How to keep your people motivated and engaged



Meet the speakers

Ross McDonald | Country Manager, Australia & New Zealand | Perkbox

Ross McDonald is Perkbox’s Country Manager for Australia and New Zealand. Ross is responsible for the management, coaching and development of teams across Australia and New Zealand. Functionally a commercial leader, Ross is also renowned as a supportive and strategic people leader and a driver of cultural values.

Mark Schaschke | VP of Engineering | Enboarder

Mark Schaschke is VP of Engineering at Enboarder, with over 10 years' experience in team management, project delivery, process improvement and building high performing teams. His management approach is focussed on delivering value to the customer, and encouraging personal autonomy and team responsibility. Along with his 15 years professional experience as a software engineer, Mark also has a master's degree from Oxford University. Mark brings strong product and business knowledge to his roles, and has been involved in a number of successful startups through to acquisition. He has also worked for a number of larger companies such as leading a digital transformation project for Cable & Wireless in the UK, and as an Engineering Manager at Atlassian.

Gerardo Contreras Vacca | Director of APAC Marketing | Enboarder

Gerardo is a long-time B2B marketer with experience in developing and executing strategic plans for business growth and brand awareness. In his role, Gerardo leads the growth marketing efforts as the company expands into helping others build human connection at every step of the employee journey.