About this webinar

2023 is set to be another year of uncertainty for businesses. Not only is your workforce more dispersed than ever before, but rising costs are also having a massive impact on employee wellbeing — physical, mental and financial. Add all this up and both your company culture and ability to retain top talent might be taking a hit.

That’s why we’ve partnered with intelliHR for our latest webinar, to discuss how you can help your people. This webinar is packed with practical tips and real-world experiences, to help you create a proactive care strategy.

people working from home

What you can expect to learn

atom culture

How economic uncertainty can impact your culture


Tips on supporting employee wellbeing across locations


Ways to avoid a talent drain during tough times


How to keep your people motivated and engaged


And a Q&A

Meet the speakers

Ross McDonald | Country Manager, Australia & New Zealand | Perkbox

Ross McDonald is Perkbox’s Country Manager for Australia and New Zealand. Ross is responsible for the management, coaching and development of teams across Australia and New Zealand. Functionally a commercial leader, Ross is also renowned as a supportive and strategic people leader and a driver of cultural values.

Kate Charge | Global Head of Sales & Partnerships | intelliHR

Kate is energetic and passionate with an extensive and successful background in Sales, SaaS, Customer Service and Management. She has had a hunger for continual growth and knowledge across all industries and thrives in client-care environments. Kate is passionate about sales, people management and customer success.

Lauren Scholtz | Learning and Development Manager | intelliHR

Lauren is the Learning and Development Manager at intelliHR, where she works across teams to ensure they have the skills and knowledge to deliver the consistently amazing customer experiences intelliHR is known for. She has spoken at DisruptHR, National HR Summit and is a regular contributor to the intelliHR insights blog.