1. How do you increase employee retention?

The actions you take to increase employee retention depend on the issues that are prompting people to leave your business. For example, if there are problems with your hiring processes, you should check the accuracy of job adverts and take care to hire people with similar values to your own.

The only way to uncover these issues is to gather feedback from your employees. We suggest catching up with your teams in informal one-on-one meetings, or via town halls and pulse surveys. Employee feedback is a valuable resource and it should inform every aspect of your retention strategy.

2. What factors influence employee retention?

3. What are the best retention methods?

Retain your best talent, wherever they are

Engage and retain your employees no matter where they’re working — in one building, remotely or across multiple locations.

  • Create a culture of appreciation that engages employees wherever they are
  • Boost productivity and motivation
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