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For employers Are you at risk from burnout? Most stressed workers revealed

Stress is bad for morale, employee wellbeing and productivity. In order to tackle it, we must first understand where, how and why it arises. Our newly published 2018 UK Workplace Stress Report studied 3,000 employees from across the country to shed light…

Employee, For employers A few simple ways to show your people you appreciate them

Rather than firing off a token ‘thank you’ email this Employee Appreciation Day, managers should put the wheels in motion towards a culture of continual appreciation. Here are a few ways you can do just that. The idea behind making…

Employee, For employers How River Island created a feedback-friendly culture

Scrapping traditional performance management in favour of a more feedback-friendly approach is a tough task. But one that can yield big results. We caught up with someone who’s been there, done it and got the buy-in. Successful communication is what…

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For employers How to become a company culture vulture

Like closed sales and ROI, company culture is a reliable predictor of successful business performance. And like any revenue driver, it should be analysed and developed. In the noughties, a bunch of smart guys published books about how organisations with…

For employers The state of workplace stress in the UK

Click the image below, or view the 2018 UK Workplace Stress Survey.

For employers How Perkbox can help attract talent

It’s been a whole decade since the Great Recession. During that dark period, people were taking jobs left, right and centre at risk of not having one at all. As a result, employers had the upper hand. Here at Perkbox…

Employee, For employers 3 steps to launching a hit people initiative

Ahead of our upcoming webinar panel discussion, we explore the three questions every people leader should ask before launching a successful HR initiative. 2018 has obstacles ahead: leading your people, becoming a strategic business partner and nailing initiatives to drive…

Employee, For employers 8 steps to launching a best-in-class employee wellness programme

With 82% of the UK now suffering from work stress, we spoke to leading healthcare professionals about how employee wellness programmes can provide an antidote, reducing absence and boosting productivity. HR professionals tend to spend a lot of time on…

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Employee, For employers 7 steps to using people analytics in your HR function

In our previous article we looked at the rise of people analytics and why you should use it as a competitive weapon. We explored how this new approach to talent management is becoming increasingly widespread. The time for you to…