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Employee rewards

Reward employees with something meaningful, every time

Give rewards – big or small – that will matter to the employees’ lives, whatever their needs and lifestyles.

  • Reward your team with points that gives them the flexibility to choose the reward they want, when they want
  • Our rewards include everything from cinema tickets to vouchers and gift cards on global brands
  • Send a personalised note with every reward
employee reward

Peer-to-peer recognition

Reward and recognise employees

Boost motivation and engagement within your business.

Help build relationships and a culture of appreciation with personalised recognition and rewards.

  • Enable worldwide rewards and recognition
  • Emphasise what your company stands for by linking recognitions to specific values and milestones
  • Start a poll and get your employees involved, whether you’re looking to start a healthy competition or simply have some fun
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Benefits and discounts

Offer perks and benefits to everyone, no matter where they are

Give your employees perks, discounts and benefits that add value to all their lives, all year round.

  • Give access to a wide range of deals and discounts to suit everybody’s needs and lifestyles
  • Give your employees freedom to choose perks that matter to them with a monthly allowance of Flexi points to spend on a wide range of Flexi Perks – at no cost to them
  • Add your own company benefits – big or small – to bring everything under one roof
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Featured brochure

Get an overview of the platform

Learn how you can support and motivate your people with one global rewards and benefits platform.

Wellbeing support

Provide a range of on-demand content to support employee wellbeing

Give your people the content they need to be happier and healthier, with carefully curated wellbeing content that caters for all needs.

  • Give access to a wide range of content, from workout videos to meditation guides to soothing sleep stories
  • Offer something for everyone’s goals, whether they’re looking to exercise, calm their mind or get a better night’s sleep
  • Have the content available on the go, via laptop, tablet, smartphone or smartwatch
  • Allow people to focus purely on quality content with a completely ad and interruption free experience
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Culture and communication

Centralise all company updates and communications

Create a greater sense of togetherness by showcasing your company updates and culture across all locations with one central place.

  • Share anything you want with custom cards, from people initiatives to new policies to fun videos
  • Save time and reduce the reliance on leaders in each location to cascade information
  • Create links to relevant resources
  • Create cultural alignment by making your comms visible to all from anywhere, at any time, even on the go via our mobile app
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Admin features

Customise Perkbox and get insights on usage wherever your employees are 

Harmonise your EVP across locations while minimising admin burden – saving you time, energy and money

  • Enable easy access to all your employees with Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Provide a bespoke experience with customisable branding and benefits
  • Easily manage users onboarding and offboarding with our Human Resource Information System (HRIS) integrations
  • See what matters with in-depth usage reporting
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Ready to harmonise your benefits and rewards?

Explore Perkbox

Celebrate and appreciate your employees with:

Reward & recognition

Recognise and reward your people in a personalised way, wherever they are

Benefits & discounts

Provide global perks and benefits that add value to your employees’ lives, wherever they are

Wellbeing support

Support your team's wellbeing with curated resources at their fingertips


Centralise company updates and showcase your culture across locations

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