Boosting business performance across locations

Perkbox is a global rewards and benefits platform that helps businesses get the best from diverse and multi-location workforces. Our global app allows you to harmonise your employee offering, while offering something that suits everyone’s individual needs and lifestyles.

This leads to stronger business performance, both in terms of productivity, cost savings and cultural alignment. With over 10 years’ experience in the rewards and benefits space, Perkbox is here to help unleash the full potential of your business.

Enhance motivation and productivity

By caring for, connecting with and celebrating your people, you can create a more engaged workforce.

This leads to:

  • Motivated employees who are in tune with your company values
  • Higher productivity levels across the business
  • Increased profitability – with studies showing a 21% uplift
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Cut the costs of poor employee health

The World Health Organisation estimates that productivity lost to depression and anxiety disorders costs the global economy $1 trillion a year.

A strong wellbeing offering not only leads to a happier and healthier workforce, but a reduction in many of the costs associated with employee burnout. These include:

  • Fewer ‘lost days’ through sickness
  • Fewer instances of low productivity caused by presenteeism
  • A decrease in employee turnover and therefore recruitment costs
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Harmonise your offering

The Perkbox platform is available worldwide, allowing you to harmonise your rewards and benefits offering across all locations.

  • Give all employees a consistent benefits experience
  • Make significant cost savings by using a single platform and streamlining your global reward system
  • Eliminate the need for multiple compliance checks
available worldwide

Ready to harmonise your perks and benefits offering?

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Motivate and support your employees with:

Perks & benefits

Provide perks and benefits that add value to your employees’ lives

Reward & recognition

Recognise and reward your people in a personalised way

Wellbeing support

Support your team's wellbeing with curated resources at their fingertips


Centralise company updates and showcase your culture