Show true employee appreciation

Celebrate and motivate your employees no matter where they’re working — in one building, remotely or across multiple locations.

Simplify the building and distribution of your reward and recognition budget with a centralised system. We help you remove the guesswork from rewarding employees by giving them control over the rewards they want.

Celebrate and motivate

Pump up your people by celebrating successes – big or small – and individuals who showcase company values. This creates a culture of appreciation that engages employees across all locations, boosting productivity and employee retention.


of employees prefer companies with a rich recognition culture than jobs with higher salaries that don’t give any recognition¹


of employees named good colleague relationships as a driver of workplace engagement²


increase in productivity and engagement when you practice recognition³

Recognise work achievements

Make it easy to shine a spotlight on top performers, celebrate key milestones, or simply say thank you.

  • Enable recognition between all employees – whether across the desk or across the globe
  • Display recognitions at a company-wide or team-wide level
  • Assign company values to recognitions
  • Use company polls to spotlight people and build engagement in a fun way
woman being recognised for her hard work

Reward with something meaningful

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all reward. Everyone is different, so why not reward employees with something meaningful to them?

  • Reward your team with points that they can use on the rewards of their choice
  • Give your team full flexibility by providing access to a catalogue of global rewards
access a range of perks on perkbox

Celebrate milestones

Create a culture of celebration and use Perkbox to shout about key milestones across your business.

  • Celebrate everything from long service, to promotions or even personal employee milestones!
  • Display celebrations on a company-wide or team-wide feed
  • Send Reward points and let your employees choose their gift
people cheering

Treat your employees all year round

Show your employees you care about them with treats all year round. From cinema tickets to discounts on takeaway food – there’s something for everyone.

  • Give your employees a selection of premium perks at no cost to them
  • Let people take their pick from our catalogue of rewards and benefits
  • Help your people stretch their salaries no matter where they are in the world with access to discounts
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Success Story


"Perkbox helps me to reward my team in ways that allow them to choose what they want to spend the rewards on! It also aids a happier workforce and more productive team."

Dean Field
Customer Operations Manager

Dean Field

Success Story

Global Lingo

"We have a quarterly values award, and we use Perkbox to recognise colleagues and tag the company value that the person has exhibited."

Frosso Skoteinioti
People Operations Manager

Frosso Skoteinioti

Success Story

Monica Vinader

"Peer-to-peer recognition was really important to us, so that people had a voice and felt seen by their colleagues. Straight away we saw lots of posts coming through — people using it to celebrate the little things like birthdays, not just work-related."

Louise Sparkes
Senior People & Culture Manager

 Louise Sparkes

Success Story

Open GI

"It’s great that when you give someone a reward… currency isn’t an issue. And they can of course spend their points on something of their own choice."

Hayley Pearce
Organisational Development Manager

Hayley Pearce

Success Story


"When you’re running multiple teams across different markets, it’s great to have one tool where you’re able to give that recognition to global colleagues."

Cressida Sergeant
Chief Commercial Officer

 Cressida Sergeant

Success Story


"It was clear that [Perkbox] was a global solution that could fix a lot of our challenges, especially around communication and peer-to-peer recognition."

Cressida Sergeant
Chief Commercial Officer

 Cressida Sergeant

Success Story


"I love the admin features, we used it in our Town Hall meeting as part of our end of year wrap-up statistics."

David Glennon
Rewards Manager

David Glennon

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