For employees, For employers UK employers struggle to motivate workers in summer

With the summer months officially upon us, it seems organisations are struggling to keep up with basic employee needs. A new survey by Peldon Rose found that 84% of employees believe ‘summer perks’ would boost their productivity, yet over a…

work summer
For employees, For employers 6 things that annoy us about working in summer

Summer tiiiime… making a living ain’t easy… so goes the song (we think). Because it’s July, it’s hot and we’re trying to act like it’s normal to be sitting in an office all day. Except everything isn’t normal. Oh no….

For employees, For employers UK employees waste 400m days a year

New research shows UK employees spend 441,827,088 days a year on ‘time wasting’ office tasks such as responding to hundreds of emails, attending meetings for meetings’ sake, and completing unnecessary admin. The research conducted explores everyday office tasks and considers…

For employees, For employers ‘Bring Your Dog to Work Day’ soon to hit UK offices

It’s almost that time of year again – when workers can bring their dog to the office! Bring Your Dog to Work Day is a nationwide, annual event held on June 23 that aims to make a difference to how…

soft skills
For employees, For employers What are soft skills and why do you need them?

Is this the worst-named noun in the working world? There’s a lot of business-speak we love to hate, from web-readiness to disruption. But we have a real problem with the phrase ‘soft skills’, because soft skills are anything but soft….

office temperature
Employee, For employees, For employers 5 ways to end the office temperature battle

Nearly half of office workers (47%) cited differences over the office temperature as the aspect of their working environment that causes the most frustration. What did the research find? A survey by Emo Oil revealed that 57% of workers consider…

For employees, For employers The eight email errors you’ve definitely already made

Emails. We’re sending more and more of them; in 2015, the average worker received 122 emails a day. This number is enough to swamp anyone. Fascinatingly, just knowing you have an unread email in your inbox can distract you from…

bank holiday
For employees, For employers How to cope with the Bank Holiday blues

That’s it until the 28 August. No more bank holidays. In the last six weeks you’ve had four public holidays – that’s more than one every other week. In all honesty, you’ve got more than a little used to working…

holiday etiquette
Employee, For employees A guide to holiday etiquette

Need a holiday? Always, you say! You finally decide to go away, then Perkbox tells you that it’s an etiquette minefield?! Is it even worth it? Of course it is – holiday leave is there to be used. And nothing…