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Employee, For employers, Perkbox news, Uncategorized 10 questions that will reveal your company culture

 Company culture is a tricky thing. We’re all agreed of its importance, yet nobody knows exactly how to cultivate one. There are no paint-by-number culture frameworks to follow – uniqueness is the quality that makes the best ones stand out….

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For employees, Perkbox news How to cope if you didn’t book annual leave this spring

The canny, the rapid and the downright cheekiest people in your workplace may have read our article on how to spend your annual leave. They will have calculated that you need only take off nine of your precious days in order…

For employers, Perkbox news, Perkbox news WorkLife Magazine

Perkbox’s new magazine WorkLife has officially launched! Every year brings new legislations, codes of practice and changes for businesses – and 2017 is predicted to do the same. Many people would agree that 2016 wasn’t the best yet – whether…

Perkbox news Introducing Perkbox Family

Perkbox has a brand new initiative and we’re absolutely delighted to be able to share it with you all. Allow us to introduce the one and only… Perkbox Family! Everything you need to know: In line with our ongoing commitment…