Give your employees the flexibility they deserve

Flexi Perks allows you to:

Treat your employees

Give your employees the chance to redeem perks that are meaningful – at no cost to them.

Have something available worldwide

Flexi Perks make it easy to give everyone something extra, regardless of location – saving you time, energy and money.

Have something for everyone

Employees get to choose from a wide range of Flexi Perks – from a free coffee to online therapy to a music streaming subscription.

Offer the freedom of choice

Employees can spend their points right away or save them up for a more expensive Flexi Perk – grab a snack this month, or save up for credit on their Asos order next month? They choose.

flexi perks and flexi points

A wide-range of global and local Flexi Perks to choose from

Add a bundle of 10, 25, 50 or 120 Flexi points each month for your employees to spend on whatever Flexi Perks they like.

You supply the points, we supply the choice. There is truly something for everyone.

Here are just a few Flexi Perks your employees can choose from:

Points 5

Magpie Unlimited free access to personalised professional development

Caffè Nero
Points 10

Caffè Nero Grab a free drink

Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH)
Points 10

Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) Make a donation to transform young lives

Points 10

Motosumo 3 months free access to at-home cycling classes

Points 10

Greggs Grab a free sausage roll

With U
Points 10

With U 1 month free access to on-demand audio workouts

Points 10

Rakuten Stream a movie for free

Points 10

Elva 6 months free access to a financial wellbeing library

david walliams audio book
Points 11

david walliams audio book Listen to David Walliams Audio Book!

Points 15

Blinkist 1 month free Blinkist Premium subscription

Green Man Gaming
Points 15

Green Man Gaming Get an instant level up to an XP Gold Membership

Points 25

Lifefyle 3 month free access to a life admin app

Points 25

Smash 3 months free access to exclusive food discounts

Points 25

SeedL 1 month access to free learning

Points 30

CKBK 1 month free access to online cookbooks

Points 30

Storytime 1 month free access to childrens stories

hello magazine emagazine
Points 33

hello magazine emagazine Read HELLO! Magazine online

british vogue emagazine
Points 33

british vogue emagazine Read British Vogue online

the economist emagazine
Points 33

the economist emagazine Read The Economist online

Points 35

Rakuten Stream a UHD movie for free

Points 40

Cafeyn 1 month free access to magazines and newspapers


Can I choose any random number of Flexi points to give my employees?

No. You can only give your employees either 10, 25, 50 or 120 Flexi points for them to spend on any Flexi Perks of their choosing.

We have created these tailored bundles toward specific experiences, based on customer feedback.

Can I choose a different Flexi points bundle for different teams?

How often does Perkbox add new brands and offerings to their Flexi Perks?

What if my employees don't use all of their Flexi points each month?