How Perkbox can help attract talent

Emily McMahon · 26 Jan

It's been a whole decade since the Great Recession. During that dark period, people were taking jobs left, right and centre at risk of not having one at all. As a result, employers had the upper hand. Here at Perkbox we know that the world of talent attraction has changed.

In a stable economy, jobseekers are able to be far more selective. And in those 10 short years since 2018, many markets have saturated and companies are now competing to recruit and retain the best talent.

Great employees are the life blood of any company, yet finding and hiring the right people can still be a difficult task. It’s more than just posting a job advert and hiring.

Attraction versus Recruitment

Attraction is very different to recruitment – a distinction that's never been so important to make. Businesses compete for best fit candidates, especially in highly competitive markets. So it's important to understand what will attract job seekers and the expectations that they may have.

Imagine two similar jobs are being advertised. The first offers a great company culture, training opportunities, competitive pay, team days out and helpful leadership. The second outlines a job description and a competitive pay. The likelihood is a jobseeker would sway towards the more attractive offer, the first.

The American Psychological Association found that 89% of workers with leadership support are more likely to recommend their company as a good place to work. It's essential, however, that the job advertised in the description is true – fabricating it will only create a bad reputation.

Additionally, websites like Glassdoor make it possible for jobseekers to investigate company reviews before joining, so it's essential to preach what you practice when attracting prospective candidates.

What do employees want?

It comes as no surprise that companies such as Google hold a rating of 4.4/5 on Glassdoor, with 92% of reviewers saying they would recommend the company.

In what has been a tough job market, employers are struggling to meet the expectations of jobseekers. A study by Glassdoor found that 57% of respondents said benefits and perks play a major role when deciding whether to pursue a particular job.

With Google offering napping pods and free food, Amazon trialling a 30-hour work week, Airbnb giving their employees $2,000 a year to travel, and Netflix offering one year of parental leave, it clear the average organisation could be doing more in the benefits department.

  • Work-life balance: A recent survey by Deloitte found that, second to salary, work-life balance is the deciding factor when selecting a new job. So ensure employees' workload are manageable within their working hours and offering flexible working where possible.
  • Learning and development: A Gallup poll found that 87% of millennials said development is important in a job. It's essential that employers adapt and offer learning and development opportunities before their millennial staff look elsewhere.
  • Inclusion: This means letting employees know their worth within their team – and where possible involving them in key business decisions.
  • Rewards and recognition: Employees need to feel recognised for the work they put in, or else motivation and engagement levels can drop. Bupa found almost half of UK employees admit holding back effort at work because they feel it will not be recognised. Recognition is not only desired by peers but also from management and leadership.

The Top 10 Work Benefits

Reboot Online Marketing's study asked respondents to list their most valued benefits and incentives, which ranked as follows:

  1. Job related training courses (60%)
  2. Flexible working (58%)
  3. More holiday allowance (55%)
  4. Greater responsibility (50%)
  5. Partial travel reimbursement (45%)
  6. Involvement in side projects (35%)
  7. Monthly socials (33%)
  8. Early finish (30%)
  9. Gym membership (25%)
  10. Weekly lunches (20%)

How Perkbox can help?

These days, a job’s about more than just a salary. Your employees want to know their hard work is valued too.

Perkbox helps you offer your team something a bit different – something that sets your business apart from the competition.

We believe happiness means delivering a better quality of life for everyone in your team. We offer great perks and discounts, rewards and recognition, health and wellness, flexible customisation tools and more. Read on for a taster of  each.

Financial wellness with Perkbox

Perkbox makes your employees’ paychecks go further. Our users receive unlimited access to discounts and freebies from hundreds of big name brands across a number of different categories, from food and drink to travel. These discount can be shared with family members and friends, promoting inclusive and fulfilling experiences.

Our smart technology understands user behaviour and customises communications accordingly. For example, our system will recognise if you show an interest in movies, and will automatically send you more movie-related emails. With Perkbox, users can:

  • Save hundreds of pounds every year on groceries and other daily essentials.
  • Splash out with exclusive discounts on clothing, entertainment and meals out.
  • Use salary sacrifices to spread the cost of big purchases and make savings on childcare, gym memberships, technology, cars, and bicycles.
  • Redeem fortnightly ‘Flash Perks’ – limited-time offer freebies for real-time engagement.
  • Make big savings via tax and National Insurance contributions.
  • Access existing company perks within a fully customisable category on the platform.

Emotional wellness with Perkbox

Our people seek appreciation, not just from their managers, but from their peers too.

If a certain action or behaviour helps the organisation reach its goals, simply requesting it will only do so much. Tangible rewards and memorable experiences instill long-lasting positive association to the organisation within the employee, and a desire to perform well.

Recognise the exceptional

Perkbox users are able to share recognition, both peer-to-peer and top-down, by:

  • Issuing badges for every occasion, from project milestones to daily successes.
  • Customising recognition for company-specific goals.
  • Tracking how they match up with their peers on a recognition leaderboard.

Reward your top achievers

Incentivise your team and say thanks for their hard work by rewarding premium products and services to individual members. Managers are able to:

  • Issue real-time reward and recognition that suits every budget, from a £20 bottle of champagne to a skydiving experience.
  • Set performance-based reward incentives for those achieving the goals you set.

Mental and physical wellness with Perkbox

As HR’s latest adage goes, healthy employees are happy employees. That’s why mental and physical wellness incentives are one of the three employee engagement pillars of the Perkbox proposition.

The platform fits around our users’ lives, giving them access to exclusive savings on memberships to hundreds of gyms nationwide, as well as discounted dental insurance and health cover. Perkbox users receive:

  • Discounts of up to 28% at hundreds of gyms nationwide.
  • Discounted health and dental plans.
  • Access to a 24/7 confidential helpline, as well as exclusive pricing on face-to-face assistance.
  • Discounts on healthy and organic retailers such as My Protein and Gousto

To find out more about Perkbox, click on the image below and book a chat with one of our Happiness Experts.

How Perkbox can help you attract talent How Perkbox can help you attract talent

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