Perkbox has been rated highly on staff engagement surveys!

Kathryn Boulter · BeyondAutism

BeyondAutism is a charity dedicated to empowering people with autism to lead fuller lives through positive educational experiences, training for the people who work with them and support for their families and carers. 
We have 120 employees.

What are some of the challenges that businesses in your industry face?

Recruitment and staff turnover, limited budgets

What effect can these challenges have upon the working environment - culture, happiness, productivity, creativity, ability to collaborate etc.?

Low morale, high staff turnover, high sickness absence

Why did you choose Perkbox, and how is it compatible with your business?

Affordable package and relevant for our staff demographic

How has the introduction of Perkbox affected team morale, office atmosphere?

Perkbox has been rated highly on staff engagement surveys, and we would now like to start using the recognition feature to utilise Perkbox more effectively

What are you and your team's favourite perks?

Cinema tickets, Cafe Nero monthly free drink, food discounts, mobile phone insurance

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