The Brilliant Club

There are lots of coffee and movie socials!!

Rebecca Demblon · The Brilliant Club

The Brilliant Club are a charity that focuses on widening participation within highly selective universities.

What are some of the challenges that businesses in your industry face?

Recruitment - finding key staff and funding constraints with cuts to education budgets.

What effect can these challenges have on the working environment?

We have a great team and try and make sure that they know how valuable they are, but they are stretched to deliver our programme across the country inspiring disadvantaged students to go onto highly selective universities. they have a high workload and travel all over the country. It's a busy, demanding role!

Why did you choose Perkbox, and how is it compatible with your business?

We chose Perkbox because we know our staff work really hard and we thought it would be (and has been) a great option for our staff to pick up flexible benefits, to help them treat themselves or just help them financially in these challenging times when everyone is trying to stretch their pay checks as much as possible.

How has the introduction of Perkbox affected team morale, office atmosphere?

Staff do regularly tell each other of perks they have used and liked. There are lots of coffee and movie socials!!

What are you and your team's favourite perks?

Definitely the movie and coffee perks!

Would you recommend Perkbox to another business and why?

Yes, it's a great add on for any business. It does need to be consistently promoted to make sure staff are using it as it can get forgotten!

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